Someone in the live broadcast room is not too big,Have reported。Many people see this guy not pleasing to the eye,Funny to think about,This is a typical pretense。

Hu Yang fixed his eyes on those masks,One of them is metal,More than three thousand priced。Populus is too lazy to bargain,Lest this guy has to look down on people again。
I saw Brother Hu bought a mask,Whether it is Huazi、Xiaoxiao、Ran Ran,Or other people in the live room,All immediately realized,That thing is probably valuable again, right??
“Haha!When I regret having this stuff。”
Chapter four hundred and fourteen Federa
Everyone is watching the show subconsciously,Not the time yet,So Xiaoxiao and others are silent,Waiting for this guy to be unlucky。
Hu is angry,Never scold or fight,But it will cost you a lot,It’s worse than hitting him,This is everyone’s consensus on Hu。
and so,There is a word on this platform,Don’t make Brother Hu angry。
Not long,People from the official store are here,And there is a foreigner。This foreigner,This is a technical appraiser,Come to china,Is to solve a problem。
When he arrives at the store,Heard this,Also go out in person。
It’s about the reputation of their brand,He thinks the problem is serious。If there are fakes in official stores in China,,The problem is quite serious。Just report the news to the headquarters,Must be rectified。
The person in charge of the China region and others,All a little worried,Something like this。
Although I don’t know if it’s blackmail,If so,Then easy to solve,According to the law。But if it is really a fake out of their store,To them,Not good news。
just,They even want to solve it privately,But there is such a foreigner,You can’t operate it privately。
Ou Quan immediately took off the watch he was wearing,Let the other party do the identification,In addition,Also issued relevant bills, etc.,The store cannot be denied。
in fact,He thinks this,It’s not bad for him。No matter what,He didn’t lose,All earn money!
if it is ture,At most, say sorry to the people in the store,Listen to others,Got it wrong。But Hu Yang had to pay him for a new Rolex watch。

Came forward and made up a lie,Said:“I am the person you called for the maintenance of the racing venue。”

Two young doormen touching their heads,I wonder if there is nothing to maintain inside,A young guy speaks quickly:“Please show your work permit,Since it is site maintenance,Must have documents。”
Ding Kelan said solemnly:“When my ID comes out,Put it in Director Lin Hai’s office,Put it in his cabinet,And my phone。”
“You can’t let us go to Director Lin,He is very busy now。”One of the guards said。
“that,There are only a few people to maintain road barriers,Can you take care of something??”Ding Kelan trembled deliberately。
“It is our duty to stick to the post。”The guard patiently explained。
Ding Kelan nodded,Recognize their work style。Then came a few young people who checked tickets to watch the game,Ding Kelan avoided again。
Other personnel check in and enter the infield,The venue broadcasts the game is about to start。Check-in staff、Spectators going in,Basically everything that should go in。
The guard saw that Ding Kelan at the door did not intend to leave,One of the guards kindly said:“How about you call Director Lin,Ask him,He confirmed your identity to us,We will let you in,See you standing here for so long。”
The guard handed his mobile phone to Ding Kelan,Ding Keran is satisfied with his attitude towards others,Give him a grateful smile。
The guard guards the gate,It’s also by duty,Understandable。
Ding Kelan took the phone,Remember to search Lin Hai’s number immediately,Haven’t contacted for a long time,Meet now,Really embarrassed。But for the high-profile races that I’ve always wanted to see,Can only meet in this way。
Breath out,To cheer myself up。
First198chapter Extraordinarily
Ding Kelan dialed out from memory,Handsome hold phone,Handsfree,Sounded“beep、beep、beep”Call alert tone,Fifteen tones“beep”ended,Lin Hai didn’t answer the phone,Ding Ke Lanxin“Chuckle”Sink。
I don’t know when,Ding Kelan has trained himself to be patient。Try to dial again、Redial,Repeated three times,Still so。
Ding Kelan apologized and handed the phone to the guard。Some disappointed left foot touches the ground,Going back and forth, boring and a little nervous, pacing square steps。