The driver is a woman,She said nothing,Run away in the car。Because she might have seen the nervous look on Xia Jian’s face。20 minutes like,The car stopped。

Xia Jian is also a cheerful person,Didn’t say anything,Leave fifty yuan and run away。I don’t need him to find the triangle,Can see at a glance。It’s actually a vacant lot surrounded by several buildings,Just formed a triangle。
At the door of a coffee shop,Xia Jian saw Qin Xiaomin with a smile on his face。He ran over,Asked nervously:“What happened?Tell me quickly”
“Nothing happened,I deliberately scared you,Otherwise you won’t come back to see me,Right!”Qin Xiaomin said,Hehe smile。This makes Xia Jian an angry,He really thought something happened to Qin Xiaomin。
Qin Xiaomin’s expression changed when he saw Xia Jian,Then I realized that my joke was a bit too much。She walked gently to Xia Jian’s side,Whisper:“Sorry,It’s my fault,Make you worry about me”
“It’s fine,Why are you making such a joke?Scared to death”Xia Jian slowed down slowly,He whispered to Qin Xiaomin。
Qin Xiaomin said in a low voice with a bulging mouth:“My mom wants to see you,I’m afraid you won’t come,So just…”
First1212chapter Fertilizer does not flow out of the field
It’s midnight again,The night in the mountains is terrible。
Wang Youcai turned over in bed,The one who rolls over is unable to sleep。This person’s heart suddenly grew grass,It’s very troublesome。Wang Youcai is this kind of wild grass growing in his heart,He doesn’t seem to live except a woman。
Liu Ying since Meizi came,So he’s always loyal to Wang Youcai。This is a woman,Small-minded like a needle。Wang Youcai kept scolding Liu Ying secretly,But these days,This woman doesn’t take him at all,And when sleeping at night,The door is locked from inside。

The law is not a cabbage that can be seen everywhere.,Han Jiang went to the time of retriment of entropy Kazuo, Harland,The buds and reverse entropy of the buds know that there is much more power for the time in Harzhou.。

When the partner is once again large-scale appearance in Storm,She knows that there must be no surface here.。
The people who are too old are busy rescue,Busy to maintain the operation and stability of the city。
What happens to Lita does not do things in an orderly, dripping is not leaking,But why will I don’t have three six-arm tube?。
This is not,Buds have been found to have a stronghold of the world snake in the storm city。
After a few days of investigation tracking,She has determined that this is a place where Droud is temporarily managed.。
Due to the experience in the long-air market,Audovs saved so much child,So the bud clothes don’t have the first time to carry the song in the crime here.,But come alone。
On the one hand, it is planned to make the world snake.,On the one hand, I want to ask those children who have been embedded by ferry.。
“Let her come in.。”
Service students are ready to notify others,The sound of the honors came out from the inside。
Bud jacket into the bar,Inside the space is not very big,But decoration is very sentimental。
“Oops,The small half of the storm is ruined,No matter what business, it is not good.,I didn’t expect to come to me in the afternoon.。”
Back behind the bar,Audovs are not a iconic black combat service and coat cloak,Instead, and the uniform of the white bar。
If it is not a sound of award,The buds did not recognize the full of ferry in the first time.。
“What is the purpose of the world snake??”Sit down before the buds came to the bar,Straightforward。
Audovs playing with a silver pot,Looking at the bud with a smile with a taste。
“How do you have the same as that person?,I think I ask me, should I answer??”
Even if there is a kind,For many children think,But she is the world of the world snake。
Full put the potion pot on the table,Lazy said:“Han Jiang,Of course, Hanjiang,Ask these,Do you really feel that I am stupid??”
“what?”The bud dress is slightly red.,“Are we two??”
Audio saw a little stealing mood,I suddenly thought of the girl Kiana, Hanjiang.,I don’t understand the relationship between these three people.。
I clearly saw the girl named Qi Yana in Huaqian, holding Hanjiang and smiling.,Emotional thunderstorms also like him too.。
“Hey,I praise you.,Then do you know that Qiaa also likes Hanjiang?,How do you deal with all the relationships??”
“Humph。”Buds are cold:“Can’t use your tube,You should take yourself carefully.,Here, the earth’s site。”
“knowledge,knowledge。”Audio said slowly:“But now there is enough 余力 力 管?”
“This firm has been rooted in the storm city for many years.,Even if the Yullan’s intimate blade team has a lot of people in this city,Will she come to the big fence to drive me??”
The storm is just stable,The world snake is in the safe area。
If the people who are attentive are nervous,I am afraid that the residents left will be nervous.。
So much person,It is possible to escape the city under the panic.。

Effectively prevent and resolve various major security risks

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 31. State Councilor Wang Yong attended the video conference and spoke in Beijing on the 31st in Beijing in Beijing. , Firmly establish the concept of security development, grasp the safety risk prevention, resolutely curb the occurrence of various major and major accidents, and build a safe and stable environment for the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

  Wang Yong pointed out that the national safety situation has been stable since this year, but recent accidents have occurred in some industries, and the safety production situation is still complicated and severe. Relevant parties in various regions should take the opportunity to organize the national "production safety month" activities, and effectively take the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions and the decision -making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council to the entire process of work safety, and further take strong and effective measures. Keep the bottom line of the red line of production safety.

It is necessary to deeply absorb the lessons of accidents, further deepen the large -scale inspection of safety production and special rectification in key industries, strictly implement 15 hard measures for safety production, strengthen the response to safety prevention during the flood season, guide the supervision of the company’s responsibility for the main body of actual safety production, comprehensively enhance the essence of the essence Safety level.

It is necessary to strengthen laws and regulations such as the "Safety Production Law", vigorously promote the security culture, promote the co -governance of the safety society, and better protect the safety of the people’s lives and property.

(Responsible editor: Hu Yongqiu, Yang Guangyu) Share let more people see it.


Zuo Luohu back to bedroom,Specially went to buy a vase,Take back to the flower。
She looks at the flower in the vase,Remember that there is an uncomfortable thing today,I have a good taste in my heart.。He probably not regard himselfoga,The reaction of the adult ceremony is just caused by physiological factors.。
Zuo Luo Hand,Finger falling on the middle of the iris flower,Take a while,She bending his waist and gently sniffing,Iris is excessive sweet,seem……No information on the information。
The pixel and flowers are still some subtle differences.。
Another bedroom building in a single room,The wash is washed in bed,Open the quilt,On the side of a military uniform coat。He lie down,Gently put your face in the coat。
The information on the coat is actually there.,But this is her jacket。
Closed eyes,Fingertip is more in the jacket chest,Is it like a heart?,Imagine the sound of beating under the fingertips。She is still not the same today.,Will care about the flowers you sent。
Zuo Luo has never gains things other than friends.,She has already started as a friend??
Oki’s slow eyes,They still have to train together,Go to participate in the military exercise competition together,Getting closer to the future。
NS 35 chapter(Military school exercise.)
Foreign school students, Especially the northern military school is looking forward to the star,I finally waited for next Monday.,They have to follow Zuo Luo Huan to class,Look at the opportunity to play with her。As for another two military schools for other considerations, Go to other courses。
“You are the scorpion of the Northern Military Academy?”Kang Guang stared at Roshaoyuan and others saw half, Last, “I heard that I want to go to Zuo Luo.?sure, I don’t have to go on today., Take a look at you.。”
The instructors are free to exaggerate,Let Zuo Luo, who are ready to touch the fish, silent,Northern military academy can do not let Luo Zhong want to play with her, The few people are excited to stare at her.。
“Really?Then let’s start now., Don’t waste time。”Rosau suddenly rose to this face of the instructor on this face, She turned her team friendly,“I will come first.,You will wait。”
Need to ignore from head to the tail,No one will ask Zuo Luo Huan:“……”
Rosau is even starting to active hands and feet.,Looking at Zuo Luo Yisheng wants to jump。
Communication is mutual, They want to explode,The first military school also wants to explore the strength of other military school students.。
Zuo Luoyuan looks at the floor,I have a thought in my heart.:The Yi’s should want to know the strength of these people in the Northern Military Academy.。
“how to spell?”Zuo Luo came out from the same period.。
Rosau is already warm, She waved:“All, I do not mind。”
“ten minutes。”Zuo Luohuan passed over Rosau, Fall behind her other northern military school,“Six people, etc., Dragging time, you have to go.。”
“Ten minutes end?”Rosau is a finger:“You really feel that I have finished with me.,And strength to deal with others?Otherwise let them fight with Jiang Hong?”
Zuo Luohuan lifts the hand to unpack the necklace:Never:“Jianghong?He looks at it., I solve you half an hour.。”
Some people in the field rose an idea:Arrogant!
And the two people standing in the center,Instantly ignite war,When all people have not reacted,Moved。
Rosau is also asclassalpha,Whether it is physical fitness or speed level, far from the same age,And Zuo Luohuan,But not get an advantage,But at this point she is expected.。
The people in the northern military school have begun to record.,They are of course not just coming and Zuo Luohuan.,Also recorded back analysis。
Rosau is an aggressive play,Every stroke with bloodthirsty murderous,The North District is not light in a bad environment.,The border line is still not in peace,Ten years ago, it is often reported that the road people have been in the road to the gamlore empire.。She lives in that kind of place,Earnest,Natural and other military schools are different。
Kang Guang Station is on the side,Observe the play of the two。
Zuo Luoyuan is very strange,She is a daughter of Zuo Duhong,Said that female Xiaochi,Zuo Dihong iron blood,Military merits,When you are young, it is also a name.。According to Zuo Luoyuan, he has sent her father.,It should also act almost,But she is very‘Rush’。
Like now playing against ruling,In Kang Guang’s idea,Zuo Luo should also use the fierce murderous move back.,But she didn’t,When the moving is, it is even called the peace.,Recruitment,This is only for a long time,Rosau was forced to be full of sweat。
If Zuo Luo is originally the same as her father,Now do this now,Can you imagine what extent?,Receive the momentum of your body。
Kang Guang is not trustworthy,What is more willing to think that Zuo Luo is this road number,Different from her father。
At this moment,Roshaoyuan has been forced by Zuo Luo.,One does not pay attention to the defeat failure,I was fell by her to the ground.。
Zuo Luoyuan’s foot pointed on Rosau’s chest,Prevent her from turning over,Lift your hand and watch a blind:“ten minutes,you lose。”


Not only, Lin Wei, etc.,People in live broadcasts almost all identified Shen Xuan’s vegetable place used hormones.。
after all,The National Academy of Agricultural Sciences fails to plant such a large cucumber,Shen Xuan is just a anchor,Not professional research and development talent,Can master this technology?
“You don’t believe?”
Shen Xuan Suddenly some helplessness,I said so much I said.,These people actually don’t believe what they say.,Basically, they are lying lying.。
People in live broadcasts even,How to even believe that Lin Hao is not so tribute to himself?
Carefully think,It seems that there is also a can!
I don’t have any research and development work.,After planting vegetables,No more,Suddenly so big,Doubt is also normal。
“Come,I have a look at you.!”
Shen Xuan picking a cucumber,Take a few times,Ready to eat。
“do not,Xuan Ge,Does this cucumber still don’t eat?,not good for health!”
Lin Wei persuaded,“Too much hormone,not good for health。”
“Correct,Correct,Still let the big yellow first eat more reliable。”
Wu Xiuxiu nodded,Very much。
“Hahaha,Let the large yellow trial?”
“rhubarb:Is the status of Laozi be so miserable??”
“The hard rhubarb is still chasing by Goose.,You make it trial,Good heart!”
The people in the live broadcast were shocked by the words of Wu Xiuxiu.。
Where is this!
Actually let the rhubarb!
“In case the big yellow is also eating something.。”
Xue Qing’s show,road:“Can we take this cucumber to do a test?,Dog is also life!”
“Yes,Yes,A test,you’re right!”
Wu Xiuxiu spit into the tongue,I know that I have said wrong words.,When you recognize it,Attached to Xue Qing’s words。
Their words are finished,Shen Xuan has biting a cucumber,Immediately,Juice,Full of fragrance。
even,Be uncomfortable,A juice sprayed directly on Lin Wei’s face,Go on the cheek,All the way,Entering Lin Wei’s mouth。
The scene once entered a stable state。
what’s the situation?
Xue Qing and Wu Xiuxiu were on the spot,As a part of Shen Xuan and Lin Wei,Nature is also a word.,Be opposed to each other。

Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics: In the first quarter

Original title: In the first quarter, the economic growth rate of Beijing’s%came from the newspaper reporter Chen Xuemian. Yesterday, the Municipal Government News Office held a press conference. The Municipal Bureau of Statistics and the National Statistics Bureau Beijing Investigation Corps released data showing that in the first quarter, the city achieved regional production general The value of 100 million yuan, calculated at an unchanged price, increased by%year -on -year, which was higher than the average growth rate of two years in 2020 and 2021. "This result is not easy." Zhu Yannan, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Statistics, said that in the face of multiple tests such as frequent occurrence of domestic epidemic and the complex and severe international environment, Beijing scientific coordination of epidemics prevention and control, the hosted by the Winter Olympics and the Winter Olympics, and the economic and social society Development, the city’s economy has achieved a stable start. Zhu Yannan, the development potential of the three highlights, introduced that in the first quarter, the Beijing economy mainly showed stable production demand, accelerated growth of emerging momentum, and solid and powerful people’s livelihood protection. From the perspective of production, agricultural stable production insurance is strongly promoted, urban agriculture continues to recover, and the scale of leisure agriculture and rural tourism income exceeds the level before the epidemic.

Industrial production has grown rapidly, and the added value of industries above designated size in the city increased by%year -on -year by comparable prices. Among them, the pharmaceutical and electronics industry showed double -digit growth. In the service industry, the information service industry, the financial industry, and the wholesale and retail industry have formed an important support, and the contribution rate of the service industry is more than 70 %. From the perspective of demand, the city’s fixed asset investment has achieved a double -digit growth rate. Among them, effective investment contributions such as construction installation and equipment purchase are close to 60 %. Emerging momentum is mainly reflected in the fields of high -precision industries, digital economy and enterprise R & D innovation. Data show that the city’s digital economy achieved a value -added of 100 million yuan. Based on the current price, it increased by%year -on -year, accounting for%of the total product value of the city in the city, a year -on -year increase of percentage points.

Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Vehicles have accelerated the layout. The proportion of new infrastructure project investment in the city’s fixed asset investment has remained above 10 %. A number of investment tilted towards the field of people’s livelihood.

According to statistics, in the general public budget expenditure in the city, the growth rate of general public services, transportation, and educational expenditure exceeded 20 %.

Among the city’s fixed asset investment, investment in the social field increased by%year -on -year, and it was a percentage of investment growth rates in the city. Among them, education and health investment increased by more than 50%; infrastructure investment increased by%, and investment in the field of transportation and greening increased rapidly.

  In the first quarter of wage income, the city highlighted employment to protect people’s livelihood. Multi -measures drove residents’ continuous growth of revenue. The per capita disposable income was 20,630 yuan, a year -on -year increase of%. Bian Jing, the deputy chief of the Beijing Investigation Corps of the National Bureau of Statistics, said that the steady employment policy to promote the steady growth of wage income is one of the important features of residents’ income growth.

According to reports, this year, the city has successively launched special activities such as "Spring Wind Action" and "Employment Aid Month" to improve the quality of employment and entrepreneurship services, ensure the employment of key enterprises, return to Beijing in an orderly manner after guiding the guidance, and strengthen the assistance of groups in employment difficulties. From March 1st, the city has also launched a three -month "Graduate Employment Service Month". It is expected that various types of employment service activities will exceed 150, and more than 3,000 employers plan to provide 100,000 employment positions.

  With the promotion of various employment policies, the steady growth of residents’ income has a good foundation.

Data show that in the first quarter, the wage income of residents in this city increased by%year -on -year, driving residents ‘disposable income to an increase of a percentage point, and the contribution rate to revenue growth was%, which is the primary driving force for residents’ income growth. In addition, in the first quarter, the income growth rate of rural residents in this city was higher than that of urban residents. The income ratio of urban and rural residents was: 1. Compared with the same period of the previous year, the gap continued to narrow. The CPI is introduced at a lower level of the past 5 years. In the first quarter, the consumer prices of residents in this city have risen moderately, an increase of%, and at a lower level in the past 5 years. "There are two main aspects of supporting the smooth operation of CPI. One is that the price of food is steadily decreasing, and the second is that the price of non -food prices is stable." Food prices decreased by%over the same period last year.

Among them, the price of pork remains low, a decrease of%year -on -year, which is the main factor for driving down food prices.

The price of fresh vegetables from January to February was lower than the same period of the previous year. In March, it was affected by multiple factors such as the disadvantaged weather, the increase in the cost of the main production area, and the increase in transportation costs. The price rose by%month -on -month. In the first quarter, the city’s service consumption demand showed seasonal growth, and the price of service prices rose by%year -on -year, continuing the moderate rise since last year. (Responsible editor: Meng Zhu, Gao Xing) Share let more people see it.

If someone sees middle-aged words,Will be a shock。

Because he is the king of Qinghai underground world,Zhang Pingan。
“How is prepared??”Longfei faintly open,But in a pair of eyes, it is surging the murderous killing.。
Since the last time, after being humiliated in Hibao,Long Fei has always been an anger。
If you don’t kill the summer,He does not come out this。
He originally planned,Being behind hurt,Want to get rid of Arthur in the city。
But I later heard the message.,The Arthur of 堡 actually has a relationship with the small hybrid,This makes Longfei and angry.。
But he did not retreat。
Looking for a long time,Looking for Zhang Pingan。
According to the news,Zhang Pingan this underground king,I have also eaten the loss of 堡。
Two people meet,Soon a shot。
These days have been planning。
“Summer,Those people have arrived。but……”Zhang Pingqian wants to say。
“They say that you can make a knife for us.,But they want to enter the underground world development of Qinghai。”
Zhang Pingan naturally heard that the background of the hustle is deep,But now there is Longfei to rely on the mountain.,He doesn’t mind temporary。
The key is,http://www.wanrongspace.cn堡 has swept his face,Let him lose his head for a long time.。

Multiple activities of Taipei Sun Yat -sen Memorial Museum to commemorate the 97th anniversary of Sun Yat -sen’s death

  Multi -activity of Taipei Sun Yat -sen Memorial Museum commemorates the 97th anniversary of Sun Yat -sen’s death, Xinhua News Agency, Taipei, March 12 (Reporter He Zili Xu Ruiqing) Taipei Sun Yat -sen Memorial Hall held a number of activities "Original Echo · Let Love to See" on the 12th to commemorate the 97th anniversary of Mr. Sun Yat -sen’s death.

  On the morning of the Memorial Hall, the lobby was opened, and the groups of all sectors of society were provided to pay tribute to the bronze statues of Sun Yat -sen to express their memory and respect.

On the west side of the square, the "co -creation of green life" saplings will be held to presented the citizens of 1500 rhododendrons, osmanthus and fields of stone plaque.

The Memorial Museum was held on the afternoon of the day to invite the choir to perform.

  The Memorial Hall also organizes the "Book Fragrance" gifts, which provides "Sun Xue" books and related wonderful albums published over the years, including ink painting, calligraphy, printmaking, photography, sculpture, etc., and the number is more than 1,100 copies. Wang Lanyansheng of the museum said that the memorial hall presented the society to the society to promote the people to protect the green land, hold a book gift to promote the reading of books, and hold a commemorative concert to commemorate Sun Yat -sen with singing.

Article Source: Xinhua News Agency Editor -in -chief: Qiu Mengying.