Through this incident,Only then did Wang Youcai know that he still had good things at home,No wonder Dad never goes to the ground,But the family life is still better than the others in the village。

“Listen to me,Your second brother already knew about this,Why don’t you let your brother know,Because he has a problem with his character,And you are too mixed,So I never told you about it”Wang Degui suddenly coughed and said to Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai lowered his voice and asked:“What the hell is going on?Could it be that the ancestor uploaded it and failed?“
“Our ancestors were paupers,Where is this kind of thing。This is a long story,Just because of this box of silver dollars,Xia Zecheng and I formed Liangzi,And even affect your next generation“Wang Degui sighed and said。
Wang Youcai listened,I think this is a bit mysterious,Why did you involve Lao Xia’s family?。He whispered:“dad!Tell me the details of the incident,I promise not to spread”
“Things are like this,Back then, your father and Xia Zecheng were militiamen in Xiping Village,One day they received the order from above,Ask the militia of Xiping Village to cooperate with Wu Qing to suppress the bandits of Laoye Mountain。Of course,Fighting is a matter for the troops,It’s the militia to clean things up”Chen Yueqin preached to Wang Youcai slowly like a story。
Wang Youcai listened,Asked very interested:“Is my dad in the process of cleaning up,Hid a box of silver dollars privately?”
“how come?He and Xia Zecheng were the last to come back.,The result is in the process of descending,I found a box of silver dollars dropped on the ground,It might have fallen off the carriage in front,At that time, Xia Zecheng, who was elm knotted, had to turn in,Your dad was moved”That’s it for Chen Yueqin,A smug smile。
Wang Youcai grabbed his scalp and smiled and asked:“Did the two of them divide the box of silver dollars?,The result is not fair,So Old Man Xia hates our dad?”Wang Youcai smiled and analyzed。
“You think so real,At that time, Xia Zecheng supported the hand in,Your dad can’t help it,Just say he can pay it in alone,In the end, this old Xiatou believed,You carried the silver dollar on your back and turned back to Xiping Village,But he didn’t enter the house until midnight,To prevent others from discovering“Chen Yueqin is here,I couldn’t help but let out a long breath。
Her nervous look,I feel that the person who turned in the silver dollar is not Wang Degui but her。
“Lao Xia believed this?He is too naive, right?!“Wang Youcai blinked and said。

Don’t look at the imperial court in a small, comfortable world,It’s quite complicated at a glance,In Li Tan’s speculation,If there is chaos tomorrow,It will be dominated by some of these waves。

“but,What’s the point of making trouble like this?”Juvenile angry,Obvious thing,There is no holy emperor in the free world、Without Luo Jiufang and Shu Xiji,Even Brahma was just slaughtered,The strong pillars fall one by one,It’s like a gambler who has no chips,In addition to paranoia and madness,What is left?
Say something awkward,This small world about to be destroyed,Don’t say Li Tan,Even a teenager can’t really control,The ruler is actually the big eyeball,Anyone with a discerning eye can understand,Do whatever it wants,An unhappy,Putting in a void storm casually killed 20,000 people,Are these people worse than pigs??
The boy just wants to take advantage of the big eyeball‘Special relationship’,Stubbornly wanting to find a way out for the survivors of the entire Ancestral Continent before the destruction of Free World,This is also the wish of Huo Tianzun,And he saw hope not long ago,I just didn’t expect it would be so annoying and bumpy without actually doing it。
“No trouble will never be the first day,Even be slaughtered,Make trouble,Maybe there is a glimmer of hope。”
“Overturn?”Juvenile sneer,No longer have any illusions in my mind,Didn’t even have any interest in talking with Li Tan anymore,Tomorrow blood will flow into a river here。
“Palace lord and stay。”Li Tan quickly stopped the boy who was about to leave,How sharp is his vision and perception,Suddenly noticed something was wrong,The sneer just now is obviously not the inherent temperament of a teenager,Could it be that the monster outside the territory is possessing the body of the young man?
Li Tan was sweating coldly,Divine Possession Technique,He can tell at a glance,But such a terrible method as a monster,He has been unable to see through,Even now,He is only half guessing,But even if it’s only a little bit possible,He dare not take it lightly。
“Palace Lord,Actually, you don’t have to be angry for these villains,Li Mou knows that the palace owner has high ambitions,Worried about the survivors,Want to find a way out for a free world,Lee was more selfish in the past,But then there were similar ideas,Persevering,I want to ask the outside world several times……Mr,But no law,So wavering in contradiction……”
“Just say anything。”
“Don’t hide,Someone will be involved in tomorrow’s ceremony,You Shenyan once sought me privately,Want that universe chessboard,You Shen Kun also searched for me,Let Lee leave for a while at a critical time。”
“Oh?What good did they promise you?”
“Ashamed,”The dignified Tianzun Li Tan whispered in front of the boy,Because he felt unprecedented pressure,I’m sure that the evil evildoer from outside the territory has arrived in the imperial court,So he reached out and wiped his sweat and continued,“Shenyan said,She may be able to unlock the chessboard,If we can welcome the return of the holy emperor,Not only don’t blame me for the past,And will make Lee king。”

Epidemic,It doesn’t matter。

If the infection is aggravated,This ventilator is not enough.。
Zhou Ye, who has seen the latest diagnosis and treatment guide very well,newGPneumonia is difficult to control,ThisGNew products in the virus not only damage the lung,Inverse of irreversible lung injury,Still hit the heart,Hit the digestive tract,Kidney,Crash,Immune system that can quickly。
There is a completeSARSHorror threats with severe infections!
therefore,Dyeing newGStrong endangered patients must create three lungs,Human body comes with one,Then the ventilator is a one,ECMOBe considered one。
Two hearts,Human body,ECMOBe considered one!
Three kidneys,Two people,ECMOBe considered one,Can guarantee that people’s organs can run normally。
“ExtrarporealMebraneOxygenation,That isECMO,Our vitro lung oxygenation,This is both artificial hearts,Another artificial lung,Without this place, I don’t know how many people will die in Wuhan.。”Zhou Ye met。
At this time, Xu Liangqi heard the dialogue between Chen Riyuan and Zhou Ye.,Hoot:“There areECMOBe good.,I have earlier, I and you Chen Director.,ECMOI just started to implement it.,Price, short price,Then everyone will not use very much,Indications are also unclear,The severe patients at the time encountered cardiopulmonary failure,Can only wait for death。”
“Thank you.。”Some people in the bus shouted。
This sentence is out,Everyone’s face has become so awkward。
Xu cool looks at Zhou Ye also likes it very much.,It’s hard to smile gently。
“The boy is strong, the country is strong.,Old Chen,right。”His tone is pleased。
Chen Riyuan understands that Xu Yan is the courage to appreciate Zhou Ye.,The little age is actually in order to save the wounded.,In the meantime, the two director think of the young at Diapho period.,They are also like this.。
“Number of romantic people still look at this chapter。”Chen Riyuan is so happy。
Zhou Ye I listen to two people are praising themselves.,I have a little hot up and down.。
Depend on,Both medical big cows like this,This feels like it.。
But I am a little doctor after all.,So don’t dare to scream。
At this time, Xu Liang looked at the Wilder I didn’t have.,In order to pull the relationship,Asked casually:“Xiaomu,This year’s epidemicECMOThe use can be said to be a rescue straw,you knowECMONS?”
Chen Riyuan listened to Xu cool quality,Smile,How can this pediatric problem?。
He turned his head and looked at Zhou Ye.:“You answer the problem of this old thing.。”
Old things?
Zhou Ye I was the first time I heard the Qing Dynasty, I was called alone.。
This Xu cool and Chen Riyuan are so familiar.,Really is a friend of the same window。
Even the call……Unique!
Zhou Ye is laughing:“Xu Director,ECMOIn vitro lung oxygenation,It is often used in severe cardiopulmonary failure patients.,ECMOCan simulatory human heart and pulmonary organs,Provide continuous vitro breathing and cycling,Role to maintain life。”
“certainly,ECMOThe most important part is also this artificial lung and artificial heart.,Can be newGCrown infected person for long periods of heart and pulmonary support,Give a rescue。
Zhou Ye is very casual, two key core points, artificial lungs and artificial hearts,BeECMOThe essence is introduced.。
Xu cool quality is also very satisfied。
But this is not enough!
I want to know that Xu Liangqi is the director of the Tianfeng.,This is the best hospital in Tianfeng City.,The indicators of each department must also be above the Tianfeng People’s Hospital.,He is not satisfied with the legacy of the doctor is just staying on the surface.,There is no stage of entering the principle and mechanism!
“Since you knowECMOCore,Then do you know how they do to achieve support for life?。”
This question is obviously asking some heights.。
Chen Riyuan shook his head frequently,Heart secretly:“The old guy does not speak Wu Deh.,This problem is a certain student knows,Only the use of clinicians will be familiar with the use of clinicians.!”
But the Yau Ye is not shocked.!
Nima,This problem is really difficult……
Who told me a man who has read the guide?。
Zhou Yewu is grateful at this time“Hard work”NS。
He looked quietly with Xu cool quality。

one day、Two days、Three days、A week、Two weeks、A month、Two months。。。

Except occasionally sober,Let the fork-tailed civet hunt some food for itself to eat,Wright is almost motionless!
The rich elements let Wright enter a very rapid state of practice!
Whether it is magic or grudge,It’s all through refining elements to form magic or vindictive power,Magic practice has limits of mental strength,The limitation of fighting qi practice is physical strength!
Mental power can’t be leaped in one go,But Wright’s physical fitness is almost at its limit,And in such a high element concentration environment,Wright cultivates fighting qi several times faster than the outside world。
Simultaneously,Under the rich elements,Wright can also feel the various elements more clearly。In addition to various elements。And other special energy。
Outside,Wright’s perception of the law can only be accumulated,Occasionally a flash of inspiration can realize the law and mood。
And here,Ground、fire、Thunder and lightning、bright、Dark Seven Series,The density is 100 times that of the outside world。In addition to these seven series,Wright also felt other surging energies,Ruhe is full of death,Similar to the energy of a necromancer,Also has terrible and aggressive energy。I also feel very kind,Full of vitality……
Fiery heat、violent……
Pulsation of the earth、Heavy……
Water movement、Tolerance……
In this environment,Wright feels close to nature like never before。At this moment, he can clearly understand the rhythm of the flame several times,Even touches the earth and flowing water。
Wright is not only【The Mystic Explosion】There are new insights every day,In the third month, I realized a trace of gravity。
“Kaka Kaka~~”Wright sits on a hard rock,The earthy yellow light shines around the body,Cracks began to appear on a hard rock,Then it broke completely。Among the broken rocks,Wright smiled,
“This bit of gravity space mystery,Into the magic‘Gravity’in,The gravity effect is three times stronger,Gravity couldn’t get involved in the battle before,And now,Gravity can be used as an auxiliary means of combat。”
Open your eyes,Wright feels hungry,Soul Transmission:“Elek,How long have I been practicing this time?”
“the host,Since waking up last time,You have been practicing for almost three months。It’s only a week before you set the deadline。”
“so fast!”Wright sighed,He really hates this environment,If you give him another five or six years,The grudge reaches level 9,It’s easy to reach level 8 mental strength。At that time, I might be able to match some weak sanctuary。
But the plan I made for myself,Go back home to visit parents and sister in three years,It’s best to take both parents and sister to the Imperial Capital to live,After all, the environment of the imperial capital,Much better than Dragon Fortress。And he is in the Warcraft Mountains,Stay at most for two and a half years,And Elek said‘deadline’,Means two and a half years。

Mainly, Zhu Minglang is worried about the old masters of Jianzong who come to ask his own teacher.,Where did the abandoned sword forest go?,Even abandon the sword,It’s also their swordsman’s treasure!

Before they found out,Hurry up。
Originally, Zhu Minglang thought of the highest peak,Say goodbye to Zhu Xuehen,But after thinking about it,She probably didn’t want to see herself,Finally dismissed this idea。
“Zhu Minglang,This sword sect,Is the strongest person your grandpa??”Fang Niannian asked curiously。
“He should be the top three before,Too old now,Mainly teach students。My aunt is his disciple。”Zhu Minglang said。
“Aunt Xuehen?,How strong is it,When I was in Jianzong, I heard some male disciples talk about her……Why she doesn’t look very old,They all call her a teacher。”Fang Niannian asked。
“Depends on how it compares,If it is simpler than repair,She is probably the highest rank,The four major forests are leaders,But the sword in her hand,And her sword state,Actually more terrifying than her cultivation,If life and death fight,No one below the king can be her opponent,Even a group of supreme king-level gods,It’s impossible to kill her。”Zhu Minglang explained。
Zonglinnei,The division of generation is clear and simple。
Master、Master Uncle、disciple。
Generally speaking,A large forest like Yaoshan Jianzong,The cultivation of disciples is generally at the sub-level to the main level。
Master-level disciple,Always the best,As the chief female disciple of the church like Zi Miaozhu,Cultivation has a superior position、Top master。
And the seniority of the uncle,The cultivation base is between the main level and the monarch level,The ordinary ones may only be the lower main level。
Better,Rushed to the king level。And the more outstanding,Mostly high-ranking monarch and top-ranking monarch。
Master’s cultivation,At least at the highest rank。
But everyone who can be named a master,Most of them already have some realms above their own cultivation level。

Because they are just ordinary people,Just work in the hospital,A lot of things,Can’t be the master。

They know,If this disgusting couple insists on refunding the money and leaving the hospital,The hospital can’t stop it。
Although I know the purpose of this for in-laws,It was basically the nine hundred thousand life-saving money that the little girl’s father left in the hospital account.,But no one can do it,Because that’s only half of the medical expenses,The hospital can’t operate on her。
And even if the hospital is humanitarian,Willing to help Liu Feiran perform surgery,But if her guardian disagrees,Still can’t proceed,So this is the most troublesome place。
Now it seems,There seems to be no way to stop the little girl from leaving the hospital,Then her life-saving money was naturally swallowed by her uncle’s family。
Patients in the same ward,And those doctors and nurses,Even the patients and their families in the next ward,They all spit on the little girl’s uncle’s family,I think they are inferior to pigs and dogs,It’s a pity everyone is daring to be angry。
That guy claims to be a lawyer,And this kind of six relatives don’t recognize,Rogue with a black conscience,No one wants to provoke this kind of stuff for no reason。
“Hey,Who are you scolding?”at this time,Lu who stood at the door listening for a long time,Finally speak。
Chapter Five Hundred and One Kind heart
Lu Menglin said this,The people in the ward all cast their eyes on him。
Everyone saw only a handsome young man,Frowned and asked。
And came with this young man,There is a sick old lady,The two of them looked,It’s like just admitted to the hospital,The kind of people who still can’t figure out the depth of the market。
Liu Xing’s lawyer uncle glanced at Lu Menglin and Aunt Ba,Weird eyes upturned,I didn’t even plan to care about them。
Lu Menglin stepped forward,Reached out and patted Uncle Lawyer’s shoulder,Lightly:“I want to ask you something!Who did you scold??”
“It’s up to you!Who are you?Batman??I don’t take a piss and take pictures of myself.?Nosy,Save you!”
Lu Menglin doesn’t bother to talk nonsense with such people,Reach out and squeeze gently on this uncle’s shoulder,The pain caused him to bend down immediately。

“I want me to practice with you,I also want to know,Your knowledge of martial arts。”Qin Feng finished,He turned around and took Jiang Yan’s hand and walked out。

“Qin Feng,Don’t go out,Why do we practice at home,It’s more convenient。”Jiang Yan was not pulled by Qin Feng,Said to Qin Feng。
“why?”Qin Feng let go of Jiang Yan’s hand and turned to look at Jiang Yan and said。
“This is because,This kind of exercise,You know last night,That way, it can be improved fast。”Jiang Yan finished,I lower my head。
Qin Feng looked at Jiang Yan in front of him and thought of the time when he was lingering last night,That feeling,Suddenly got a head,Tell Jiang Yan to hold it up,And Jiang Yan did not resist。
Qin Feng smelled the scent of the woman in his arms as if the dry wood meets a little flame,Already lit,I want to burn my body。
Qin Feng went to his room,Afraid of messing up Jiang Yan’s bed,Qin Feng holds Jiang Yan,Kicked his door open,Throw Jiang Yan on the bed。
Jiang Yan loses the dream of how many men,I didn’t expect Qin Feng to have such a beautiful woman,Be my wife,Qin Feng finished thinking,So he looked at Jiang Yan on the bed。
“What happened,Not in a hurry?”Jiang Yan asked on the bed。
“Yan Yan,Guess what。”Qin Feng said badly,Undress again。
Qin Feng took off his clothes,He jumped onto his bed,then,Help Jiangyan mind broadband……(Here is the plot,Hahaha。)。
After a lot of clouds and rain, stay quiet in the room,Qin Feng embraces Jiang Yan,Jiang Yan nestled in Qin Feng’s arms。
“Qin Feng,What time do you think we make up the wedding?”Jiang Yan asked。
“I want to wait after I find my junior sister Qi Yun,We will reissue Tianlongshan。”Qin Feng looked at Jiang Yan dozingly and said。
Qin Feng felt Jiang Yan squirming in his arms,Very comfortable,Qin Feng feels soft,:“Stay well,Don’t be weird。”
“Ok,Then i won’t move。”Jiang Yan reluctantly said,Move your head to Qin Feng,The two are lying on the bed like this。
“Yanyan,It’s time for Shu Jin to activate the pulse when you reach the realm,This is very important for cultivators,Of course,not all
Everyone has this condition,It depends on your physique,Those with a strong system can strengthen their talents。”

Heard this sentence,David is really dumbfounded,He really didn’t want to understand,Why did Qin Feng choose this way?

To know,Such a choice is equivalent to opposing each other to the end.?But what good is this?
Qin Feng doesn’t want to speak anymore,Everything that should be said has already been said,If you want to continue, it’s mostly nonsense。
Yunxiang is not so impulsive,He looked at David and said:“Sorry,What do you say about this time??We also want to cooperate,But things like you,It is impossible to cooperate。”
If it’s you,It’s impossible for you?You know once you get something,That might change the whole situation。
David is completely silent,He also knows what this situation will be like,Because the whole village relies on those things。
If it weren’t for this magical vegetable,How many people will come in this village?
But because of these amazing vegetables,A lot of things were built directly,This also makes their mood a bit complicated。
finally,They are also very realistic compromises,Directly follow Qin Feng’s request,I rented almost a hundred shops here,A one-year rent。
To know,This rent is not a simple figure,That’s a family of hundreds of thousands every minute,Tens of millions in a month,For a year at once,This can be considered a great sincerity。
Qin Feng is very relaxed,Because here I really don’t care about so many situations。
How come all the money comes to me。
But Qin Feng also thought,I should think about my future。
“Qin Feng,I’m not talking about you,How can a guy like you do this,You know that the company is already busy,Your side is still so peaceful。”

Xiang Chen smiled,It’s just that the man behind him can’t see the confidence on his face。

Except Momo,No one believes in Xiang Chen’s self-confidence,Ye Qingli closed his eyes,I want to come and I am ready to get a headshot for Xiang Chen。
Duan Long and their three brothers did not speak,But I also felt that Xiang Chen could not complete the challenge in his mouth。
“Good luck,We have to work tomorrow!Don’t want to make any movement!”
The man slowly withdrew the pistol against Xiang Chen’s head。
The muzzle just left Xiang Chen’s head,The man pulled the trigger directly。
A flash of fire,Ye Qingqing is not the only one,Even Duan Long and their three brothers closed their eyes。
Open your eyes again,Just like most people imagine,The ground has been soaked with a layer of red,It’s just that the blood is not from Xiang Chen。
Mo Mo’s hand disease,Fainted her before Ye opened her eyes gently,So as not to let Ye gently see what she shouldn’t。
“I said,Let you see your own egg yolk,I won’t break my promise。and also,You should believe me!”
Xiang Chen pressed the head of the man behind him,As for his expression,Xiang Chen didn’t bother to look again。
Slowly draw the tiger spirit from the man’s throat,A blood stream trickles out。
Xiang Chen did what he blew out,It’s just that the man can’t see the pride of Xiang Chen after finishing。Duan Long’s three brothers are quiet,I didn’t underestimate Xiang Chen before,But now they really found out,It’s not too high to look up at Xiang Chen。
“I’ve been watching the scene for so long,Don’t plan to come out for a chat?”
Xiang Chen turned his head and looked in the direction of the warehouse door,When Xiang Chen’s voice fell,Two middle-aged men who turned to the west appeared at the door。
The moment when two middle-aged people appeared,Mo Mo suddenly became alert,Xiang Chen also shook the tiger soul rhythmically。
“My friend is so good…Pity。”

The person behind the guard replied softly,Did not attract the attention of others around。

“It’s really a tricky trouble,But I hope he won’t be our trouble!”
Strictly nodded,Sighed softly。
Fleeting disadvantage,My old brother has discounted a lot,I thought I was the eight-armed Nezha,Now he just hopes that his right hand is safe。
Strictly guard one or two people quietly disappearing into the warehouse,Before leaving,Don’t forget to take a deep look at Duan Long and their three brothers,I don’t know if these three guys are simply lucky,God sent me to find my bad luck。
Wait and see!Strictly glanced at the time on the watch,For the news after dawnwww.xiangxuen.Still have expectations……
Xiang Chen and Mo Mo returned to the hotel Li Tianxing arranged for them,When people saw Mo Mo holding Ye gently,Although doubt,But no one came up to ask Mo Mo uninterestingly“Need help?”It’s just compared to the picture of a woman hugging another woman,What makes the doorman and the young lady at the front desk more confused is,People who can afford a presidential suite in their hotel,Why did you come here in a van?
All the way back to the room,Just opened the door,Xiang Chen ushered in Li Tianxing’s endless complaints。
“Where did you drive my car?And told me to come and wait for you on Ye Qing’s phone……This……This is for me?”
Today is a tired day,I wanted to sleep well when I returned to the suite,When I walked in, I greeted Li Tianxing’s complaint about the continuous gun mode。
Just when Xiang Chen was about to stun Li Tianxing with a punch,The latter saw Mo Mo gently drop Ye on it.,The haze on my face was instantly wiped away。
Things that I used to use drugs to add to the fun,Li Tianxing hasn’t done it before,But others are fascinated by the fact that they are sent to themselves,Li Tianxing’s first encounter。
If Xiang Chen really wanted to faint Ye lightly and give it to himself,In Li Tianxing’s opinion,This day’s expenses are worth it,Including my own car,It’s not a problem to give it to Xiang Chen。
It’s just happiness that creates sorrow,Li Tianxing has not had time to think about how to accomplish a happy job independently,Mo Mo woke Ye up gently。
“This……you……I……”Li Tianxing rubbing his hands seems to be acupuncture,Stalemate in mid-air,Don’t know where to go。
Ten thousand alpacas rushed past,Li Tianxing dare not say anything to Xiang Chen or Mo Mo。
“How are you?”
After Ye wakes up gently,What is playing in her mind is the scene of Xiang Chen being pointed at the head with a gun,Looking nervously at Xiang Chen and Mo Mo,After finding out that these people are in the hotel suite,I was relieved。
“what is the problem?”
Ye lightly frowned slightly,I want to know after I fainted,what happened。