If this guy appears in the temple,Should be regarded as a living god,But this guy is an authentic fisherman,This is weird!

Some words awaken the dreamer,All these years,What I do most often is to remember the brothers who have died,But for my brother who is still alive?
Xia Chenglong asks himself,I am not treating these guys badly,But one thing,I keep these hatreds in my heart,Unconsciously, he exudes an aura of revenge.。
I might not feel anything,But for my brothers,This is a big deal,The boss looks sad every day,Don’t these guys have something in their hearts??
Is it true that you don’t have some ideas??but,They are now at the critical time of cultivation,Under their own influence for a long time,Because of these things, my cultivation started to slow down,Hard to make progress!
Remember that hatred is right,But can’t live because of hatred,Revenge is necessary,But you can’t use revenge as your motivation to live!
“Worthy of being Sea King Wang Hai!”
Xia Chenglong stood up,Looking at the back of Wang Hai who has gone away,This guy,Definitely not an ordinary person,As the oldest among the six thrones of the military,The experience of this guy’s life is not small。
“Let’s go,We go to Haicheng!”
Xia Chenglong stood up,You still need to understand this matter yourself,Zong Xueqin is good too,It’s better to close yourself to the real behind-the-scenes,I can’t let this matter go!
In the sea city,No one knows the news that the Dragon King appeared,Even Yu Zong Xueqin is immersed in the game of power that he can finally control a party and cannot extricate himself.!
Xia Chenglong changed into casual clothes that he didn’t wear much,Change one’s appearance,Within seven days,Approach Zong Xueqin and kill this guy directly!
This is the small goal Xia Chenglong set for himself!
The first thousand and five chapters Haicheng Kicking Hall
Xia Chenglong still has some difficulty in approaching Zong Xueqin silently.,After all, Zong Xueqin should also know his identity and most of his abilities.,After all these things are connected,Even in a small remote county, you already know the character of Dragon King。

“I never knew that I also had the passive attribute of helping others,It’s worth it this time!”

Xiang Chen comforted himself,But Yuan Qing on the side didn’t care。
“Not all the young masters teasing Cinderella,Master is tired of playing,Will replace a Cinderella!”
Yuan Qing rolled her eyes,Obviously, I am not optimistic about Han Genji’s broken romance。
Looking at Yuan Qing,Xiang Chen suddenly let out a surprise。
“I’m thinking,I am so weak now,Wouldn’t it be easy for you to kill me?”
Xiang Chen frowned slightly,With a smile on his face。
“go to hell!”
I heard Xiang Chen’s words,Yuan Qing took a few deep breaths,But still didn’t suppress his petty temper,Grabbing the wheelchair from Yan Xiaoyi,Directly pushed Xiang Chen out。
“Mom look,That uncle uses a wheelchair to drift!”A passerby pointed at Xiang Chen, who was driving fast,Eyes full of yearning……
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Seven happy Birthday
There is always an incredible surprise in life,For example, someone won the lottery at random,For example, someone has worked hard for a long time and died,But at an inadvertent moment,Got what I dream of。
So is Wang Qiaoqiao,For the so-called love,She always takes a long-term attitude。
After all living in this society,I have to do my best just to consider supporting myself,Then there are other moods to take care of other things?
But as Han Geunji said,I want to be nice to you,I wanna be with you,After love really comes,It’s especially wonderful。
Although I still wear uniform nurse uniforms during working hours,But Wang Qiaoqiao after get off work,Will change into clothes designed by Han Genji himself。
Wearing new clothes,Sometimes Wang Qiaoqiao doesn’t want to work part-time。In fact, it’s more cost-effective to wear cheap clothes you buy online,Wang Qiaoqiao deeply agrees with this,But she just had to wear clothes designed by Han Genji。

Ye Xingkong pretended to be Ding Kelan and said:“Not very well recently,Made everyone worried,I have to recover for a while before I play with everyone。”

Several shareholders are almost exchanged,Since Ding Kelan’s accident,Are automatically dissolved。newcomer,And a few conservative shareholders maintaining the status quo。
Ye Xingkong came that day mainly familiar people、Familiar with the environment,Then came to Lin Zou, the person in charge of the club。
Lin Hai is a muscular man,40Many years old,Very dedicated to work。Under the leadership of Lin Hai,Ye Xingkong quickly got started,Can drive the car on the track,But he still lacks basic performance and skills,Decided to start from scratch,Learn from scratch。
false“Tian Lu”Maza is curious about Ye Xingkong’s job in the racing club,I thought it must be a very prestigious profession,Arguing about going to see the fun。
Ye Xingkong saw“Tian Lu”Pouting and acting cute,There is an irresistible reason,He is right now“Tian Lu”Full of curiosity,Tian Lu in the past,A little dull,Like quiet,Since the engagement,Get along with“Tian Lu”Ye Xingkong will always be full of exploring curiosity,More special,He called this feeling love。
When Ye Xingkong was on the field tour,“Tian Lu”Hand to hand,The heel of the heel is behind Ye Xingkong,Be attracted by his busy every move like an idiot。
See him adjust the wheel of the car with a wrench for a while、Drive the car to the concentration point in a while,Aside“Tian Lu”Like watching a magnificent masterpiece,Chin supported,Watching,Eyes full of love。
“Young couple”Show love,Attracting other racers and field workers to look back 100%,Some smile enviously,Some whispering,Envy。
In the eyes of employees,Very few girls come to racing clubs,“Tian Lu”It’s been a long time before a girl came to the club,Her arrival stirred up waves with one stone,Ripples in the relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend spread、diffusion。

The real Tian Lu was trapped in a cubicle by Mazza。Tian Lu is taking what Ye Xingkong has seen and heard with herself,And write a story about the betrothed fiancee Mazza on the gray planet,Or be trapped in a cubicle,Really nothing to pass the time。
at the moment,Ye Xingkong and Ma Zha who turned into Tian Lu,It’s a relationship,Make others envy for a while。
Originally, every time Mazza narrated the moments between them,Tian Lu thought she would be sad,But there is no such emotion,But was infected by Mazza’s happiness,I wish them both silently。
First175chapter change

While observing Chen Geng’s expression,Rosemary said:“A qualified business manager,Must be able to find problems in time,Solve the problem,I am your general manager,I must be right about the salary you gave me,The current Fernandez company is relatively small,It doesn’t matter for the time being,The cost of error correction is also relatively low,Wait for the company to develop to a certain extent in the future……If you think this will make you more difficult,no problem,Leave it to me,I came to communicate with Mr. Anderson。”

“you sure?”Chen Geng finally spoke,His attitude,That is to acquiesce in Rosemary to do this:“This is not easy,Can not affect the company’s development,So it must be dealt with……More artistic。”
“Don’t worry, leave it to me,”Rosemary laughed:“If this kind of thing is not handled well,Why did United Community Bank let me be their deputy general manager??Why do you pay me such a high salary?”
Three fires for new officials。
Chen Geng understands why Rosemary is so active in promoting this,As long as she succeeds in transferring Anderson’s project shares from10%Reduced to a certain degree,She Rosemary has completely established herself in the company second only to Fernandez.,And Anderson,Not big or small。
Know,But Chen Geng doesn’t think there is anything wrong with this,This is the best way for a newly appointed general manager to establish his authority,It’s also something I must support。Pondered,Chen Geng finally nodded:“OK,Then leave it to you,In addition,In the future, all project shares of the company will be fixed in5%。”
5%?Rosemary thinks it’s still a bit too much,She persuaded again:“boss,No company will do this,If we do,Will become a public enemy……”
“Public enemy is good,Anyway, sooner or later we will become public enemies,”Chen Geng said something Rosemary could not understand,But the words that made her sigh countless times in the years to come:“Any future project,The project leader takes2%,The operation and management of the project3%,This of the project leader2%,If he can work on this project10Year time,After he left the company,He can continue to take from this project10Year1%Dividends,Up to20year,Ok, deal。”
“Ok,You are the boss,You have the final say。”Rosemary shrugs helplessly,She can see it,The boss made up his mind to send the money out。
Chen Geng thought it would take some time for Rosemary to convince Anderson,But what Chen Geng had imagined was,Go down that day,Anderson took the initiative to find Chen Geng,Indicates to revise the previous contract。
This woman really has two brushes。
Take a deep look at Rosemary standing beside Anderson,Chen Geng played a good old man:“Anderson,You think about it?You have to think clearly,There is a contract between us,If the contract is modified,You will lose a lot of money。”
“boss,I figured it out,”I don’t know what Ecstasy Rosemary gave Anderson,This guy insisted on revising the contract:“The contract you gave me was too generous,I think my ability shouldn’t take so much,I want to revise the agreement with the company on the scrap parts project。”
“You think about it?”Chen Geng asked calmly:“Anderson,As a friend,I have to remind you,Your loss is great。”
“I think about it,”Take a look at Chen Geng,Anderson said cautiously:“I think2%The project commission ratio is very good。”