Lin Fengkou suddenly broke out the same snoring,He holds the devil knife,Center of the sky,Crimples on the knife。 “boom!”
A dramatic impact sound。
Nine Zombie eyebrows“swastika”The word broke out more horrible light,The end of these rays is a more huge“swastika”Character,this“swastika”Word length wide33Husband,Magnificent!
Nine huge“swastika”Words have been merged in this moment.,Blooming more horrible light,Light,It’s like a round of God.,Unable to imagine evil breath rushing out。
Lin Feng once again holds the devil knife,Come to the sky,Like a message command,His figure is like the magic of the magic.,Evil on the body,This breath makes Ye Tiancang,Xu Fengli and others feel unimaginable depression。
Lin Feng’s figure is like the same space.,The next moment is in this huge“swastika”Word to top,He sits on the knees,huge“swastika”The word carries his figure,He is like a evil spirits at this moment.。
“No God’s inheritance!”
Lin Feng’s mouth once again issued a whispering voice。
His eyebrows“swastika”I also broke out the horror of rays at this moment.,This horrible ray is sitting directly and driven knee.“swastika”The word is intertwined together,Next, a shares of martial arts sentiments have poured into Lin Feng’s mind.。
Lin Feng is like a empty spirit.,Accept these martial arts,These martial arts sentiments seem to be the same as their own,He has a constant deepening of the sense of martial arts。
Unparalleled gods inherit officially opened。
Lin Feng is like the evil spirits.“swastika”Word to top,The horrible moon is crazy to flock to this desolate island.。
Ye Tiancang,Xu Fengli,Li Wei god and others saw this scene with worry。
“We still spend it.,This is too big.。”Ye Tian is bothering and laughing:“And this inheritance does not seem to interrupt。”
“Not moving,But too big,I can’t make it impossible.。”Xu Feng rang in the mouth:“Especially this evil breath is terrible。”
“What should we do now?If someone is bother?Will not cause crisis to big brother?”Dongxing Wen Yan:“If it is a person like a woman to teach the main people like a home?,Isn’t it more trouble??”
“Yes。”Ye Tiancang and Xu Feng Lei two people heard,Although there is only a few hundred nautisresses from Fostea,However, for the half-foots of the god of the gods, the strong is not awkward.,In particular, people in this realm have very deeply distinguished。
Once the woman is teaching the leadership of this level, it is coming to the Buddha.,I really can track here.。
Once the wife, God teaches the teacher, once here,That a lot of things have been leak,Cobster,Midnight Merry Bell,Tongz,Dragon,Beijia and other forces I am afraid I have to find it.,After all, people who die are the same character of the Qing Tianju in these forces.。
Just when a few people worried,The sound of Lin Feng is coming in the high altitude.,His voice is majestic,Slightly evil:“do not worry,You guard, you can,They come,Let them come,This seat is going to suppress them!”
NS733chapter Accuse
Lin Feng came out,Make Xu Fengli,Ye Tiancang and others have a big shock,They looked at the discuscation of the dishes.。
Like a evil,Flooding。
They are shocked by Lin Feng, the power of this sentence and confidence,But Lin Feng’s voice,Lin Feng’s voice with evil spirits,Extreme monster。
And between tone is different between,This seat,This seat,This doesn’t seem to be the name of Lin Feng usually and their talk.。
Just when they shocked,Lin Feng’s evil is getting stronger,Rush,The horrible breath is like a sea,Rushing。
Ye Tiancang,Xu Fengli,Dongxing,Li Wei god four people looked at Lin Feng’s figure silence,Then hunch hob。

Come here for so long,She still don’t know‘Xiao Yuan’where,This does not meet the first few worlds.,Enter the body,Within five days,I must encounter his settings。

Is it because‘Zero zero’Sleep,So the chances of encounter have fallen?
Yes,Although Yunqin has not asked zero zero,But several worlds are so coincidental encountered the same person.,and,The body of her mission is near the same person.,Yunqin has long known,Zero zero is probably related to this person。
only,Zero zero,Obviously don’t want to say more,So Yunqin has not broken the casserole asking。
Now this world has not met so long.‘he’,She feels a bit strange,Or in fact, she already encounters,Just she doesn’t know,The person she encountered is‘he’。
Think room,Sealed face,Sudden ejective brain。
impossible,impossible!Xiao Yuan is so gentle one person,Also easy,That is also the same thing as angel,Where is the image of this kind of movement, I want to do it.!
Yun Qin quickly shakes the brain,Can’t believe in the picture,Jet out of your head。
Learn,Learn,She still study hard.!
at this time,Breakfasting in lessons,Not suitable for people,End of lessons,She can be completely free to dominate.,You can find someone else.。
Outside,The clock of retracting the head is from the wall,Take a long breath,After a few seconds,Porce,And the probe looks in the classroom.。
But see Yunqin has rendered,Seriously read the book,Slightly annoyed,Plealed in Yunqin two eyes outside,Hurt,Unwilling to leave。
When you hear gossip news in the classroom,Yunqin people see the news of the forum,There will be a general premonition of unfriendly attitude.,And do a good job in the face of rumors。
But Yun Qin can’t think,These people who eat melon people have attitude towards this.,Will have such a big strong resistance。
Or,They are because this matter involves Ouyang Rui,So they attitudes too extreme。
Go on the road,Many people passing by it point to her.,Go to the cafeteria,Yunqin is just want to buy a meal,Have a difference。
Even if you queue all kinds of people,It’s hard to buy a good meal.,Turn around,Another a lot of rushing people,Try to make a meal。
Fortunately, Yun Qin is profitable,otherwise,I don’t know how many foods going to overturn。
Looking for a position to sit down,Various inexplicable soup,Bone,Come out again,Not falling to Yunqin,Attempt to splash, Yun Qin is full;It’s a sudden flying over the bones.,Detached the food that Yunqin has not finished eating。
Look up,Where is the person?。If you are hiding from Yunqin,Probably this meal can only eat a bite.。
Yunqin is kneading chopsticks,I can’t compress my anger.。
Fed up,No longer!
Yun Qin‘Snapped’A shot of chopsticks on the table,Chopsticks。
Loose,Show the broken chopsticks,Yun Qin glanced a circle,Faceless:“If you have any dissatisfaction?,Also please face with me。If you are afraid,I do not mind,I find yourself。”
Finish,Yun Qin glanced over around,Pick up a spoon,Continue to eat。
At this time,The clock of the plate is coming over.,See Yunqin one person sitting on a whole table,Hesitate,Going to the dining plate to Yunqin opposite。
“Cloud me,Can you sit here??”The clock is around the mouth。
Looking up, I obviously have something to say.,Yunqin low,Continue to eat。
“Restaurant is not my family,I want to sit.。”
Wheel around the Duff,Bite the lip,Still sitting down。

No longer like it。

“Wei Zhen。”
Liangqiu does not dare to neglect,Hug。
“Wei Zhen。”
Refinery Pavilion main car seal also went to the past,Grateful。
“Wei Zhen!”
Qin night jade、Color scale、Lu Haitong et al.,Qi Qi。
Wei Yisi,Stall,Some adaptation but not。
He looked at the two most feared bosses in the past.,Looking around, I have never taken myself as a colleague.,Everything is satisfied at this moment.……Why,Hawran, Hawran, has a feeling of different feelings.。
“Uh……You don’t have to be so polite.,I,cough,I am not used to it.,Still calling my name is comfortable……”Wei Ji smashed his back,A pair of handsome look。
“Ha ha。”
Everyone immediately laughed.。
“Since Wei Zhen has made a complete success,That rule cannot be broken。”
Liangqiu has a little gratified。
Wei Yisong’s realm is improved,Good in the personality,Let everyone feel relieved。
“summer,you……”Color scale and Qin Night jade looks at the summer,A little surprised。
In their perception,Wei Ji only entered the temple for two years,It has been completely satisfactorious from the mid-term.,This kind of improvement is really horrible。 Summer……Although the breath also changes,Can still be a big success。
“My situation is relatively special。”
Summer laughing,Also,“Everyone is transmitted,Finally, get the holy main chance is Gogjian.。”
Heard this sentence,Everyone stay again,Concealed。
“correct,Loose……”Qin Ning Yu asked a sentence。
“He also came out,And have reached……”Summer voice is not falling,suddenly,I have been angry behind some places behind them.。
“summer,Dog hybrid,Give me a rolling!”
NS3921chapter All you
NS3921chapter All you
Roar,Along with a horrible breath。
At the same time, there is also a strong power and proliferation.。
Who listened to this sound,Can feel the anger and killing of the sound owner。
Important,This breath fluctuates,This is very powerful……Herone is a strong!
Nearby repairs are listening to this sound,The first time is not waiting,Instead, he didn’t hesitate to come.。
After retreating to the safe position,This is looking forward to the sound.。
The Zhengbao Chamber of Commerce is also a big change.。
Other person,More horrific。
Because I heard the owner of the sound!

“Don’t fucking be like the boss of the underworld,Be careful i get you in。I can tell you,I don’t care whose site is here,As long as someone makes me uncomfortable,I will make him uncomfortable“Xia Jian said http://www.xsd-space.cndisdainfully。

Wang Youcai also stood up,He said coldly:“Then you mean you came here sincerely to make trouble?“
“Sincerely your grandma’s head,I only heard that the speakers here are the best in the city,So I brought them here。Your service staff asked me whether I want the third or first floor,I just said the third floor,I don’t know there will be such a trick on the third floor。The most annoying thing is that your people have to make me pay another thousand yuan,If it is you,Will you pay?“Xia Jian’s Countdown to Wang Youcai,Doesn’t save him any face。
Wang Youcai snorted coldly:“You really don’t know?“
“I know it won’t come,Didn’t you see that I brought three women?What is your IQ?Don’t even understand this,Still thinking about ruining money“Xia Jian said,Just sat down。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“it is good!I believe you,Because you saved my mom,We’ll even balance this matter,If there is another time,I won’t let you off easily“
“Talk about it next time!gone,Help me thank you which beauty“Xia Jian said,Stood up,Opened the door and walked out。Just outside the door,Which more than ten yellow hairs stand in two rows,Only left the middle of the passage。
Wu Wu saw Xia Jian came out,He laughed and said:“President Xia walks slowly!Welcome to come often“Xia Jian waved,No more words,He doesn’t want to talk to these people at all。
He just walked to the side of the road,When I was about to stop a car,Xia Jian’s phone rang,He took out a look,Seeing Ouyang Hong came here,He was connected。
First0996chapter Cold night walk
On the road at 11 midnight,Cold wind swish。
One call,Ouyang Hong asked anxiously:“Where are you?Okay?!Does Wang Youcai have trouble for you??“Ouyang Hong has three question marks in a row。
In this cold night,Xia Jian heard this,Can’t help but feel warm。He smiled and said:“Nothing,Don’t worry,sleep early!“
“Damn!can not sleep,Worried about you,No sleepiness“Ouyang Hong sighed and said on the phone。
Xia Jian was stunned.,People say I can’t sleep,Or because of him,what should I do?Anxious,Xia Jian said casually:“If you can’t sleep, come out and have two more drinks!“
“Still drink!Stop drinking,But it’s fine to come out and walk with you“Ouyang Hong said with a smile on the phone。
Xia Jian was dumbfounded,This cold day,Still midnight, Why are you coming out?But Xia Jian responded quickly,He smiled and said:“Okay!I’ll wait for you outside your community,Remember to wear warmer“Hang up the phone,Finally stopped a di,Xia Jian went straight to the outside of Ouyang Hong’s community。
A few minutes’ drive,But when Xia Jian passes,,Ouyang Hong has stood at the gate of the community,She kept stomping her feet,I can see how cold she looks。
Xia Jian was moved,He ran over in two steps,I can’t help but stretch my hand,Took Ouyang Hong’s body into her arms。Ouyang Hong’s body trembled,But she did not resist。But said softly:“We two walk together,Not many nights like this“

Ou Shang Z6 will be available for pre -sale of 1.5T power systems on June 1st

Recently, it was learned that the Ou Shang Z6 will start pre -sale on June 1. The pre -sale version provides two power versions of Blue Whale+7DCT and Blue Whale IDD. The blue whale+Aisin 8AT model will be available in the future. The new car has previously opened the blind order, only 299 yuan.

[] Recently, it is learned that the European Z6 will start pre -sale on June 1.

The pre -sale version provides two power versions of Blue Whale+7DCT and Blue Whale IDD. The blue whale+Aisin 8AT model will be available in the future.

The new car has previously opened the blind order, only 299 yuan. In terms of appearance, the appearance of the Oshang Z6 is clear. The front face uses an hourglass grille and a three -dimensional headlight group. After lighting, the flowing water is displayed after lighting, and the overall visual impact is strong. The body size is 4699/1890/1660mm, and the wheelbase is 2795mm. The body lines are smooth, and the rear of the car is designed with the tail of the mech wind with four exhaust, which is full of movement.

In terms of interior, the Ou Shang Z6 will inch inch inch screen+inch mid-control screen+inch small Ou screen three-screen cockpit, which can achieve four-screen interaction (+AR-HUD), five-screen interaction (+Huawei, OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi, etc. Mainstream mobile phone), six -screen interconnection (+smart wearable equipment), supports full -voice passenger parking system, full -scene smart car foreign voice, division function, face ID recognition, one -click security overtaking, etc., smart technology attributes are very strong Essence In terms of space, the European Z6 has a 121mm rear knee space and the rear pure flat bottom design. The new car is equipped with a large dome floating sunroof, accounting for 64%of the roof area, and the transmitting area reaches ㎡. The trunk has a large capacity of 360L and uses a layered design.

In terms of power, the European Z6 has the blue whale IDD’s global hybrid system,+8AT,+7DCT optional. Blue Whale IDD Global hybrid system engine has a maximum power of 120kW, a maximum torque of 250N · m, a peak power of the motor, a peak torque of 280N · m, and a acceleration of 100 kilometers;+8AT power system has a maximum of 233 horsepower, and the peak torque is 390N · m. Accelerate the 6 seconds of 100 kilometers; the blue whale+7DCT power system, the maximum power of 138kW, and the maximum torque of 300N · m.

China release ? 86.01%of the elderly have completed the successful vaccination rate of new crown vaccinations gradually increased

China Net April 29th. The reporter learned from the National New Office that as of April 28, my country has reported a total of 3.3 billion doses of new crown vaccines, with a total of 1.2 billion in vaccination. The number of people and the number of inacted people account for%and%of the total population of the country, respectively.Completed 700 million people in immune vaccination, of which the order was enhanced to strengthen immunization.The number of elderly people over the age of 60 covers 200 million people, and 200 million people have been vaccinated throughout the age.The number of people covered and the entire inoculation accounts for%and%of the elderly population, respectively.Strengthening immune vaccination has completed 100 million people.At present, the vaccination of the new crown virus vaccination is generally smooth, strengthening immunity in an orderly manner, and the rate of vaccination rate for the elderly is gradually increasing.(Edit: Dong Xiaodi).

Classmate,Hanjiang’s weapon is not conspicuous,But I can’t stand quantity.。

The buds in the side have seen a few eyes.,I wanted to ask for a while:“Hanjiang classmates you both swords,Should not be a sword,Is a Tang knife?。”
Hanjiang nodded,Tang knife is a pulse knife in his academic park,The third weapon is the Zhengzhou Village。
When the school is in the school, Hanjiang is looking for Beichen, a knife is too knife usage.,Then use a similar Tang knife.,Anyway, he likes Tang knife style than too knife more。
After experiment,It is found that there is a slight joining of the North Chen’s knife.,However, there is no much impact after more exercises.。
The third knife is the Zhengzhou Village,Not,He just wants to change what changes will occur when weapon evolution。
“It seems that there is nothing different.,Why do you have so much?,What use,Isn’t it too tired??”Qi Yana。
Han Jiang suddenly thought of a scene in an anime,Open the mouth:“Remain a spare。”
“That is not used as three.。”Qi Yana。
“Spare standby。”
“”Kiyana three people speechless。
“Hahaha,Kidding。”Han Jiang explained:“I always want to play double knife flow,So preparing two Tang knife。”
“As for too knife,I have saved my life before,Although the material is not good,Today, it may be the last time.。”Can’t help others,Zhengzhou Village is indeed that he is beginning to start this world。
What to hear like this,Three people no longer speak。
Behind everyone has their own story,Incomplete understanding,Not much evaluation is a courteous。
But Qiaa and Hanjiang have a high enough,Can’t help but say:“Isn’t that drag??”
Han Jiang can’t say that he is to see upgrade effect.,But I can’t think of a better explanation.。
When I was frowning,Bud clothes to help Hanjiang。
“Hanjiang students have their own considerations,You manage yourself if you don’t violate the training regulations.。”
The first stage training Han Jiang is not intended to team up,He needs to brush enough evolutionary points。
At the same time, I want to see if I can touch eight cherry alone.,Is there a possibility of making friends,That hand blade back long admiration of the Hanjiang。
In order to make students look better for proper task objectives,The map used by training is real-time update。
As long as someone is going to mark the goal,Others can’t make similar games“Rush”Thing,Avoid contradictions。
Han Jiang chose a place not far from,Say goodbye Qi Yaan three。
“Ding,Evolutionary point1。”
Zero Death encountered on the road,Han Jiang’s hand resolved,Always stop17The evolutionary point of the point finally started again。
Half an hour later,Han Rong arrived on the map on the map,Is an open park。
The desired death is about 178,There are some zombies that have not been completely turned into a dead.,Added all the quantities without more than 30。
The most important thing is,This group of dead,There is a sickle in a dead man is different from the ordinary death.。
That is the most ordinary evil spirits.,It is one of the sources of the core。
Han Jiang is observing on a rockery in the park outside the park,Some of the dead sway on the square,Some dead is in the flower bed。
If a brain is on the body, it will be injured.,Han Jiang decided to clean up from the most remote periphery。
Han Rong pulled out the double knife behind the rockery,Black windbreaker floating the wind,Marching steady pace towards the very edge of the slain。
If you don’t know,I thought he was alone in a thousand horses.,Fact, a panic,I am afraid to provoke more dead.。
Chapter 18 Two-star weapon
Faced with the lowest level of mysterious zombies,Han Jiang is basically two knives。
Let Han Jiang are unhappy.,Zombie This thing does not give evolution,Kill it is also white killing。