A silvery white light flashed,A beam of light pierced directly where Wright was。

Maybe because of the same power,The light of the angel battle formation formed by the six angels did not stop at all,The beam of light directly hits the pulsating defense。
Almost instant,The pulsation defense and the beam of light had a fierce collision,When the beam of light gradually dries up,The power of pulsating defense also begins to dissipate。
But at the moment,Wright released a second taboo magic,And a soul attack。
【Water taboo magic·Water curtain sky】
【The Profound Meaning of Water·Water mirror mysterious(Soul attack)】
The seemingly very thin layer of water tightly protects Wright in all directions,At the same time, Wright’s eyes seemed to turn into a calm lake,A wave of ripples turned into an invisible light directly into an angel’s body。
Physically unharmed,But at the soul level,Just a moment,Wright’s huge soul power is under the operation of the mysterious water mirror,To form a solid soul force,direct‘Rush’Broke the angel’s soul defense。
In fact, on the mysterious,【Water mirror mysterious】Can’t talk about how strong,Only allowed Wright to initially set foot in the threshold of soul attack,The soul attack formed is also very simple,It can also make the soul power constraint form an attack。
But even so,The strength of Wright’s soul power is too strong,Just like the sanctuary dragon blood warrior with an axe at will,It can also kill ordinary humans under the peak of Sanctuary。Wright’s soul attack has just reached the threshold for display,But it can also crush a four-winged angel。
With the fall of this four-winged angel,The angel battle formation composed of six angels disappeared again。
Wright remained motionless,But the power of the soul is firmly locked in Desli。
“Whoosh!”A figure full of water elemental breath flew out behind Wright。
【Water taboo magic·Mirroring】
Although it can only use the power equivalent to the 9th-level peak fighter,But using this mirror clone【Water and fire compatible】,Power still surpasses those who have just entered the peak of Sanctuary。
Four-winged angels that did not form an angel battle formation,It’s just a normal sanctuary level,Defeated one after another under the attack of the mirror clone。


Li Haiying shouted:“I’m the one in the third room!”
Li Tianran has eight regular wives,The so-called Sanfang is the offspring of Li Tianran’s third wife。
And Li Haiying is the first person with the highest combat power in the three rooms。
Five or six people are Qi Qi and Li Haiying flying up the mountain from another trail on the mountainside。
Li Haihu continued to order:“The people in the second room go to the hill on the right to block,Whenever you see that kid shows up, send a signal;The five rooms occupy the top half of the hill on the left。
Keiyama,You steal anytimeilisten,Whenever that kid disappears, find him immediately!”
Everyone performs their duties,Take people to action one after another。
Patriarch Qingyun can see clearly,Thought in mind:“I found Li Haihu for Changchun Shengji Cream。
But he commanded it to advance and retreat,When i get better,Reconstruction of Qingyunzong,You can consider letting him be a master!correct,Changchun Shengji Cream,Although the portion is not enough,But enough to treat my palm,Healed the palm first,That kid is no longer my opponent!”
Seeing Li Haihu, he took someone to chase him,Is whispering:“Sea Tiger,You stay and help me with medicine!”
Li Haihu touched the ointment on the left palm of Master Qingyun,I saw that the original skin on his left hand came off like a snake,The new skin is lightiAs smooth as tofu。
1090 Anti-kill
“Kid,Don’t run!”
“……Don’t chase!”
Everyone in the Li family chased after him,Chen Xiu ran in front,Look back,There are more than 20 people chasing after me,However, the figures of Patriarch Qingyun and Li Haihu were gone。

There is no door to occupy a big place,Yan Chi, and the two people only occupied a two-story house.,There are dozens of residential rooms.。

Liao Jie takes four thousand frost four,Pick a rooftop tiles the most complete room。
Red linearization,Scan dust on a short bed,And then woven into a blanket。
Liao Jie puts Xiaofu in bed,Save people to save,Send Buddha to the west,Content of the palm,Post it on her brain。
At present, Xiaofeng is unclear,I only hope to treat as soon as possible.,Waiting for her no longer see who is called Miss,Never think of yourself,I will send it back to the government.。
Very beautiful little 鬟鬟,But Liao Jie did not think about raising it in the basement.,Seeing the nine tail fox,This refining is very difficult,He is self-imported,It is impossible to bring a tuning bottle。
Treatment,Liao Jie waved a red rope,Weaving into a quilt cover on a small frost,Push the door to sit on the dish, sitting。
the other side,Yan Chi slowly opened his eyes from the quiet sitting,Puzzle:“No reason?,He actually did not touch the chest,Before it is, I really miss it.?”
Let’s take pick up and Cui Jin.,The latter picks the burden to leave without the door,Just caught up with the sky,Helpless to avoid under a big tree。He is heart,I heard the shouts of picking,Unhappy is not happy。
Not in a moment,Rain is getting bigger。
Cui Hua’s poor people,No money, dare not sick,We are afraid of cooling,I hide to avoid rain under the bridges.。
A early morning grinding,Pick a few miles away,Made a day business,How can he eat this toss Tiredness? Slowly sleep in the bridge under the bridge。
Look again? Rain has stopped,Cui Jin gradually found a lot of water lamps on the river.,Think thinly,Only realized。
Today is the lamp festival,This water lamp is different,It is the town of residents to use。
certainly,Nor to exclude some lady who have no money to have no one.? Made an individual water lamp,In the top question poetry,Hook friends? Complete reading person。
Do you have any money?,But must be young? More than a table talent。
How can this occasion?!
Cui Hong is getting self-studying poetry,Another young and talented,When you use bamboo poles to pick a delicate water light to the shore。See the lights on the chapter of the shit? I shook my head back to the water.? Meet the chapter of the heart,Dark self-built? Then put the water lamp back。
“No pencil paper? Unfortunately。”
So much thinking? Cui Jin gradually found that he also has a wish,Looking for a lotus leaf,Remove the candle from the burden? Made a simple water lamp,Silent Wishing will put it down。
“I hope that the old man bless me to take my name.,Not so that the ten-year cold window is blessing the parentship, picking up the good health.,Everything like”
One breath, a dozen water lights don’t work.,He is ashamed smile,Continue to make a wish:“If possible,I also hope that God bless me soon, so as soon as it is like a beautiful beauty.,I demand it is not high.,Most important is kind、Gentle、Ice and snow is smart, it’s good to explain people.、Diligent”
I don’t know what is,The simple lotion light is directly inserted.。
“Ah this year”
Cui Hong gradually looked stupid,Sigh:“Can’t think of,Master picking up me,Now there is a water light to bully me.。”
Readers’ mtubacity,For thinking, I can’t make Yan Chi,But a water lamp break makes him bow,Look for a lotus and candles,Put the No. 2。
This time he learned lessons,As long as you have your own fame and your parents and friends,By the way, a sentence is like a flower.。
Because it is the last candle,Cui Jin gradually,Along the small river,Walk with the water light,while walking,The front fog is getting stronger,River is widened into small lake。
Water lobe,Changting Water,A woman puts down the water lamp in his hand。

Wang Youcai pretended to be angry and got up,Walk towards the bedroom。Ni Xiaoli has a look,Could not help shouting:“Look at!What is his attitude,He is reasonable“

Ni Xiaoli chased into the bedroom from behind,She just went in。Wang Youcai closed the door,Hugged Ni Xiaoli from behind。Ni Xiaoli couldn’t help but trembled,Ever since she went to Xiping Village,Wang Youcai won’t touch her anymore,The excuse is that she is pregnant。
“You let me go“Ni Xiaoli said cryingly。
Wang Youcai put his mouth close to Ni Xiaoli’s ear,Speak softly:“trust me!Even if I have an affair with other women,That’s also a scene,You are my wife,Everything at home,Including me all yours“
First1185chapter Home stolen
someone said,Women want to coax。It seems that this sentence is very reasonable。
Ni Xiaoli’s anger,Under Wang Youcai’s warmth,Disappeared slowly。She comforted Wang Youcai in turn,This makes Wang Youcai I feel a little uncomfortable。
Wang Degui and Chen Yueqin sitting in the living room,I thought Wang Youcai’s bedroom would be arguing between husband and wife,Even fighting,But everything is calm again。
Wang Degui glanced at Chen Yueqin,Motion her to go outside。
Two people downstairs,Wang Degui said to Chen Yueqin:“Old woman,It seems we can’t stay in this place for long,Let’s go back to Xiping Village!”
“I have been considering this issue in the past two days,Don’t Xiaoli didn’t say anything,Actually, she feels uncomfortable,Instead of everyone so patience,Might as well take the initiative”Chen Yueqin sighed and said。
She thought,They come this time,Ni Xiaoli will get along well with them,But she was wrong。Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law want to have a good relationship,Seems to be a subject,I’m afraid she can’t learn well in this life。
After the old couple discussed it,This is Quietly returned to the house。Bed together the next day,Wang Degui called Wang Youcai into the living room。Wang Youcai rubbed his awake eyes,Asked a little unhappy:“What’s wrong with you?People in the early morning can’t sleep late”
“Go to sleep when I’m finished!Is such that,I have discussed with your mother,Decided to go back to his hometown in Xiping Village,If you can’t do this, please hire a nanny!I don’t think you lack this money”Wang Degui said solemnly。
Wang Youcai listened,Can’t help but frown,He said very unceremoniously:“You have a lot of things,Live well,Why are you going back again??”
“Damn!Don’t say more,Xiaoli really can’t ignore it,But there must be someone in our hometown,This way for a long time,It’s not a problem,I have discussed with your dad,You still hire a nanny,Really can’t do,Let Xiaoli’s mother come over,Don’t you just pay people a salary?”Chen Yueqin said,Has started to pack her clothes。
Wang Youcai saw the fire,He said loudly:“Which broke home,Can there be any good things,You are making excuses。Go back if you want!”Wang Youcai finished,Angrily shut the bedroom door back to the room。
Wang Degui shook his head,So they went downstairs quietly with Chen Yueqin,The weird thing is,They are noisy outside,Ni Xiaoli never showed up,It seems that she also hopes that Wang Degui and Chen Yueqin will leave soon。

The front desk clerk rubbed his eyes,It’s Song Fang,Whispered:“Director Song,We can’t help it,They have complete procedures,It won’t work if the door is not opened。Are you okay??”

“What can we do,Really!”Song Fang shook his head with anger。
by the road,Xia Jian first blocked Song Fang,Then watched her go by car,Only then blocked the car and went directly to Donglin Zaixia。When he arrived,Less than seven o’clock,Auntie cleaning is cleaning。
“Aunt!Clean up my office first,I want to use”Xia Jian said to a female cleaner。
Procter & Gamble agreed, It will be cleaned in a while。Xia Jianyi went in,The curtains are drawn up,Then lie down on the sofa,Fell asleep。
What sleep did you sleep last night,It can be said that I didn’t sleep all night。Lie down,Xia Jian slept like a dead pig。Just when he was dreaming,Someone pushed him to wake up。
Xia Jian opened his eyes and took a look,It turned out to be Guo Meili sitting next to him,Guo Meili held a newspaper in her hand,Xia Jian glanced at Guo Meili,I wiped the saliva on my mouth and said:“I’ll sleep for a while,I’ll talk about it later”
“You can still fall asleep!Take a look, what is this”Guo Meili was a little angry and stuffed the newspaper in Xia Jian’s arms。
Xia Jian took a look,I immediately sat up like an electric shock。Headlines,With large color photos。The front is the photo of him entering the hotel with Song Fang on his back,Behind is a few pictures of him and Song Fang naked.Photo of lying on the bed with bare shoulders。
The most annoying is the title“The group boss has an improper relationship with the female factory director,Outrageous”
First0873chapter Gossip
The power of the media is sometimes not to be underestimated。
Xia Jian roared:“Bastard”Which newspaper is he holding,Just rush out。Guo Meili might have known Xia Jian would do this,So she blocked the door early。
“What are you doing?”Guo Meili asked coldly。
Xia Jian roared with anger:“I go to this newspaper,I want them to bear legal responsibility”
“This is a pheasant newspaper,I’m afraid everyone has already run away now,Where are you going to find?What you need now is calm,We have to analyze,What is the purpose of this“Guo Meili pulls Xia Jian,Let him sit down。
At this moment,The phone in Xia Jian’s pocket rang,He took out a look,Seeing Ouyang Hong came here,He connected immediately,Just listen to Ouyang Hong on the phone and laughed:“President Xia!Don’t use this method if you want to be famous?Streets today,Publish your Yan.The newspaper photographed is flying all over the sky“
“What do you want to do?Are you making fun or want to say something?Go straight!“Xia Jian at this time,Angry,He couldn’t help but angered Ouyang Hong。
Ouyang Hong said with a smile:“Kidding you,I didn’t expect you to be angry。I am calling this to tell you,I have asked the City Propaganda Department to investigate this matter。If necessary,I will let the police intervene。You’d better not show up in Pingdu these two days“
So Ouyang Hong meant this,Xia Jian said modestly:“Thank you!”Then hung up。I seem to be too impulsive,This kind of thing gets worse,In this case,The media has exploded。

But this day is a little different。Because an unreliable guy came back。

“Yooo,Qin Feng Kid,I am back again。I now master the use of dark energy,It’s not far from the breakthrough period,how about it,Do you want me to teach you?”
The person who returned is naturally Jiang Yan’s grandfather Jiang Min。
This guy is Qin Feng’s master,I was depressed because I was completely surpassed by Qin Feng。When I was angry, I went back to Shennongjia with gritted teeth and found the master of Cangmang sent his own master for hell-style practice.。
This period of time is simply painful for Jiang Min。But when I thought that I could not be surpassed by Qin Feng as an apprentice,So he keeps working hard。
In the end he finally went out again。
According to his family at the time“Master”Say,He has already entered the Ming Jin stage with half his foot,
Be considered a success。Only re-closed training has little effect。
The best way is to travel the world and increase knowledge,Maybe there is a way to really step in。
of course,After talking so much, Jiang Min asked him in turn,Is he capable of defeating Qin Feng。
For Qin Feng,The Cangmang faction naturally doesn’t understand,Can only be judged by Jiang Min’s narrative。But as everyone knows,Jiang Min’s understanding of Qin Feng is naturally incomplete,So the conclusion that Qin Feng can be defeated was naturally wrong.。
But this doesn’t prevent the old man from showing off his power after coming back.。
“grandfather,Why are you here so soon?Didn’t it take long to call you just now??”Jiang Yan was also very happy when he opened the door to Jiang Min。
But Jiang Min ignored his granddaughter,Yelling directly towards the backyard,I want to fight Qin Feng directly。
It’s just that Qin Feng directly ignored this old man whose brain had been trained a little abnormally.。

Miss Rachel’s period Ai Ai,On behalf of everyone:“That’s a bad luck car……”

First15chapter Master Chen Geng
“Car of doom?What happened to the car of doom?”Chen Geng smiled:“Tell you,I’m a Chinese,We Chinese have a lot of magic to eliminate bad luck,Ok,We call spells。”
What is spell?
A group of people are full of confusion and doubts:Spells can really remove bad luck?
Chen Geng waved his hand:“You don’t need to worry about the specifics,Anyway, you can be on the sidelines when I cast the spell in two days,Then you will know。”
Is that so?The boss really has such a high level of mana,Able to remove bad luck?
People don’t believe,You can see Chen Geng’s serious look,It’s not like talking nonsense,Suspiciously:Maybe the boss really has mana?
Believe it or not is one thing,But one thing is certain,That is China has always been red、centralization、Mysterious pronoun,Oh,And what is known to the whole world with Bruce Lee“effort”,Maybe the boss really has a way to resolve the bad luck of this Ferrari.……
No one noticed the smile on Chen Geng’s mouth when he went out:Car of doom?Kidding!
Just relying on my buddy, the luck that was tossed over by the will of the universe tossed the past unscathed(As for the current situation,Don’t talk about it then),What kind of doom can’t live in town?The opportunity to make money that God gave you。
A group of people looked at Chen Geng in awe,There seems to be an invisible force covering Chen Geng’s body。
Chen Geng is no longer his work shoes、Dress up jeans with jacket,But an apricot robe,It must be a hat like a roof,There is also a pair of cloth shoes that look extremely mysterious,Holding a piece of wood in hand(Peach wood)Wooden sword,One hand is making a gesture that looks extremely mysterious and responsible,Still chanting words……Must be the mysterious oriental magic。
What did Chen Geng say??As long as we get closer, we can hear……

But two people are the light of each other’s world,In this way, two people can open the knot,Do something that hasn’t been done before,Become the one who talks and laughs like before。

I can open the window in my heart,So Xiao Fan felt very happy。
Xiao Fan responded with a smile and said:“Why are you thinking about falling in love now?,Work hard,Wait till you have the ability,I will naturally let you fall in love with Chu Yao。”
What did Xiao Fan think of?,go on:“When Su Ran and Shen Lin return,Just give you two a similar holiday,Let you two have a good rest,This time is really hard。”
Actually Yiming felt something was wrong after saying that,But he didn’t understand how he could say that。
Maybe some kind of knot opened,There are some unscrupulous words,But Xiao Fan didn’t think so,Xiao Fan thinks that such a song is the cutest and most true。
Because seeing Xiao Fan is not only not angry,Still laughing and joking。Yiming, his heart settled a lot,Actually Chu Yao also hopes that Yiming can become more and more cheerful。
Chapter Five Hundred and Nineteen Each other’s light
Chu Yao doesn’t want Yiming because of some other people’s rumors,Or others are jealous of his abilities,And I become withdrawn and lose myself。
Chu Yao felt that Yiming should be the person standing under the light,Yiming gave Chu Yao the light of the world,So Chu Yao’s appearance also brought light to Yiming。
Two people who choose two ways together are each other’s world,This kind of love is the most worthwhile。
Xiao Fan looked at Yiming and Chu Yao,I think these two people are not as vigorous as Su Ran and Shen Lin,But their love may be more flowing,More able to withstand beats。
Of course, Xiao Fan didn’t think that Su Ran’s relationship with Shen Lin would be at risk.,Because once injured,It hurts two people,And it hurts very deeply。
But Yiming and Chu Yao can’t,The two of them are people who will face some things calmly,So when facing many things, the two of them can sit down and talk quietly。
Let’s analyze who is right and who is wrong in this matter together,What to do next,How to solve。
So Xiao Fan felt that the two of them wouldn’t quarrel under normal circumstances,But will become more and more affectionate,Getting better and better。
Chu Yao didn’t owe time after receiving Xiao Fan’s task,She intends to2On duty,Xiao Fan also let his eyeliner in the company shape Chu Yao a reasonable identity,Then let Chu Yao join the company。

Master Dao’s pupils dilated,The meaning of fear swallowed him directly。

“Ha ha,Master Dao!I already said when I came in,I will pay the kindness Li Huan owes you。You used to shoot me again and again,Should have become a corpse long ago。But since I said it,I won’t make a move this time。But you have to remember,Don’t mess with me anymore,And you have to be optimistic about your young master,Otherwise, it will be too late if you regret it when it brings the disaster to the Shenglong Group.!”
Qin Fengxiemei smiled,Patted the dust on the clothes,“Li Huan,gone!”
“Yes Master!”
Li Huan looked back at Master Dao,Finally couldn’t help but speak,“Master Dao,As my master said,The kindness I owe you before,I’m paying you back!I also advise you,Stop being obsessed,My master is not as simple as you think!”
Leave this sentence,Li Huan trots and leaves the teahouse,Quickly keep up with Qin Feng’s pace。
Until a few minutes later,Master Dao just recovered,His back was already wet with sweat at this time。
“Qin Feng?What kind of person is this?”
After leaving the teahouse, Qin Feng naturally returned to the community to rest,After all, the sunset has gone down after coming out of the teahouse,I’m afraid it’s not a few quarters of an hour until night。
In Qin Feng’s opinion,As long as Xu Jinshan who is hiding in the dark will be resolved tomorrow,Then Jiang Yan and other women’s affairs will come to an end,I also have free time to continue investigating what happened 15 years ago。
of course,If he wants to continue investigating,Maybe you can find the clues you want through some intelligence organizations。
After all, in his list,Du Heng, who provided graphic design drawings, is now a celebrity。
At this time, Du Heng is not only one of the best famous designers in China,Even has some reputation abroad,This is why Qin Feng couldn’t find him in the East City.。
Qin Feng knows,It’s not easy to deal with celebrities。After all, famous people are not weak in social influence,If one doesn’t handle well,Even arouse the attention of special departments,At that time, Qin Feng’s road of revenge may become more troublesome。
and so,Before there is sufficient information,He will not act rashly。After all, I can wait for fifteen years,I don’t care if it takes so much time。
Just as Qin Feng was sitting in his living room meditating,Li Huan didn’t know where to go and made a cup of hot tea。
“Master drinking tea!”
that’s it,Qin Feng’s meditation was interrupted again。

said laughingly:“If someone owes me millions,I won’t be like this,I’m just wondering whether we should listen to my parents。Actually, I haven’t considered this issue before。”

Xiao Fan touched her head and said:“What can be tangled,If you obey your heart,I will accompany you to do it as long as you want,
You feel good at home,Then we live at home,If you want to live outside for a while,I will stay with you outside for a while。
And we can come back anytime,Isn’t it?Mom and Dad also said,As long as we want to eat,We can all come back anytime,Let them prepare for us。
We can stay at home for a few nights and stay with them,Actually, if you think about it carefully, isn’t it like this??Su Ran and Shen Lin were not by their side。
But I will go back often。”Lin Yuna thinks about it,In fact, sometimes living together may not be a good thing,May need some space for each other。
For example, the quarrel between Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan this time,Maybe it’s embarrassing in front of Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona,If they are not at home,Maybe these embarrassments can be easily resolved。
Lin Yuna’s inner activities are very rich at this time,She is still a little bit hesitant,But at this time she thinks it might be a good idea to move out。
Because after all, moving out is not a real separation from your parents,They can come back to visit them at any time。Lin Yoona lay on the bed and exhaled heavily。
Then say:“alright,Then let’s think again,Otherwise we will move out for a while,See how。”
Xiao Fan said:“Row,We do whatever you want,But recently I may be busy at work,Can’t be with you for a while。”
Lin Yoona said with a smile:“It’s okay you go busy with you,I have a sense of measure。And these days, my company also has some affairs to deal with。
But thanks to the gold medal team you adjusted for me,Saves me a lot of heart,Saved a lot of effort,I only need to go to the company occasionally to check the accounts,Just sign the contract,A lot easier。”
Xiao Fan said with a smile:“Send them to make it easy for you,As long as you can do well。”Then the two of them are not talking about moving out,Maybe Lin Yoona can figure it out the next day。
Xiao Fan does not force,Because he doesn’t care too much,Wherever you live is the same,As long as there are relatives around,Home everywhere。
Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan didn’t mention it anymore,After all, what to do is Lin Yuna and Xiao Fan’s own decision,They promised their own decision unconditionally,Won’t force them,Won’t force them。
Just give them opinions,If they still want to stay here,The two of them are naturally smiling,Of course, they won’t be so sad when they move out,It’s not that I won’t come back。
You can come back anytime in the same city,He just hopes these two children can live better,Every parent wants to see their children be happy。
Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan are no exception,Just like Fan Lao wants Su Ran to be happy,When every elder sees his younger generation, he hopes that they can live a happy life with the beauty and beauty.。