But two people are the light of each other’s world,In this way, two people can open the knot,Do something that hasn’t been done before,Become the one who talks and laughs like before。

I can open the window in my heart,So Xiao Fan felt very happy。
Xiao Fan responded with a smile and said:“Why are you thinking about falling in love now?,Work hard,Wait till you have the ability,I will naturally let you fall in love with Chu Yao。”
What did Xiao Fan think of?,go on:“When Su Ran and Shen Lin return,Just give you two a similar holiday,Let you two have a good rest,This time is really hard。”
Actually Yiming felt something was wrong after saying that,But he didn’t understand how he could say that。
Maybe some kind of knot opened,There are some unscrupulous words,But Xiao Fan didn’t think so,Xiao Fan thinks that such a song is the cutest and most true。
Because seeing Xiao Fan is not only not angry,Still laughing and joking。Yiming, his heart settled a lot,Actually Chu Yao also hopes that Yiming can become more and more cheerful。
Chapter Five Hundred and Nineteen Each other’s light
Chu Yao doesn’t want Yiming because of some other people’s rumors,Or others are jealous of his abilities,And I become withdrawn and lose myself。
Chu Yao felt that Yiming should be the person standing under the light,Yiming gave Chu Yao the light of the world,So Chu Yao’s appearance also brought light to Yiming。
Two people who choose two ways together are each other’s world,This kind of love is the most worthwhile。
Xiao Fan looked at Yiming and Chu Yao,I think these two people are not as vigorous as Su Ran and Shen Lin,But their love may be more flowing,More able to withstand beats。
Of course, Xiao Fan didn’t think that Su Ran’s relationship with Shen Lin would be at risk.,Because once injured,It hurts two people,And it hurts very deeply。
But Yiming and Chu Yao can’t,The two of them are people who will face some things calmly,So when facing many things, the two of them can sit down and talk quietly。
Let’s analyze who is right and who is wrong in this matter together,What to do next,How to solve。
So Xiao Fan felt that the two of them wouldn’t quarrel under normal circumstances,But will become more and more affectionate,Getting better and better。
Chu Yao didn’t owe time after receiving Xiao Fan’s task,She intends to2On duty,Xiao Fan also let his eyeliner in the company shape Chu Yao a reasonable identity,Then let Chu Yao join the company。

Master Dao’s pupils dilated,The meaning of fear swallowed him directly。

“Ha ha,Master Dao!I already said when I came in,I will pay the kindness Li Huan owes you。You used to shoot me again and again,Should have become a corpse long ago。But since I said it,I won’t make a move this time。But you have to remember,Don’t mess with me anymore,And you have to be optimistic about your young master,Otherwise, it will be too late if you regret it when it brings the disaster to the Shenglong Group.!”
Qin Fengxiemei smiled,Patted the dust on the clothes,“Li Huan,gone!”
“Yes Master!”
Li Huan looked back at Master Dao,Finally couldn’t help but speak,“Master Dao,As my master said,The kindness I owe you before,I’m paying you back!I also advise you,Stop being obsessed,My master is not as simple as you think!”
Leave this sentence,Li Huan trots and leaves the teahouse,Quickly keep up with Qin Feng’s pace。
Until a few minutes later,Master Dao just recovered,His back was already wet with sweat at this time。
“Qin Feng?What kind of person is this?”
After leaving the teahouse, Qin Feng naturally returned to the community to rest,After all, the sunset has gone down after coming out of the teahouse,I’m afraid it’s not a few quarters of an hour until night。
In Qin Feng’s opinion,As long as Xu Jinshan who is hiding in the dark will be resolved tomorrow,Then Jiang Yan and other women’s affairs will come to an end,I also have free time to continue investigating what happened 15 years ago。
of course,If he wants to continue investigating,Maybe you can find the clues you want through some intelligence organizations。
After all, in his list,Du Heng, who provided graphic design drawings, is now a celebrity。
At this time, Du Heng is not only one of the best famous designers in China,Even has some reputation abroad,This is why Qin Feng couldn’t find him in the East City.。
Qin Feng knows,It’s not easy to deal with celebrities。After all, famous people are not weak in social influence,If one doesn’t handle well,Even arouse the attention of special departments,At that time, Qin Feng’s road of revenge may become more troublesome。
and so,Before there is sufficient information,He will not act rashly。After all, I can wait for fifteen years,I don’t care if it takes so much time。
Just as Qin Feng was sitting in his living room meditating,Li Huan didn’t know where to go and made a cup of hot tea。
“Master drinking tea!”
that’s it,Qin Feng’s meditation was interrupted again。

said laughingly:“If someone owes me millions,I won’t be like this,I’m just wondering whether we should listen to my parents。Actually, I haven’t considered this issue before。”

Xiao Fan touched her head and said:“What can be tangled,If you obey your heart,I will accompany you to do it as long as you want,
You feel good at home,Then we live at home,If you want to live outside for a while,I will stay with you outside for a while。
And we can come back anytime,Isn’t it?Mom and Dad also said,As long as we want to eat,We can all come back anytime,Let them prepare for us。
We can stay at home for a few nights and stay with them,Actually, if you think about it carefully, isn’t it like this??Su Ran and Shen Lin were not by their side。
But I will go back often。”Lin Yuna thinks about it,In fact, sometimes living together may not be a good thing,May need some space for each other。
For example, the quarrel between Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan this time,Maybe it’s embarrassing in front of Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona,If they are not at home,Maybe these embarrassments can be easily resolved。
Lin Yuna’s inner activities are very rich at this time,She is still a little bit hesitant,But at this time she thinks it might be a good idea to move out。
Because after all, moving out is not a real separation from your parents,They can come back to visit them at any time。Lin Yoona lay on the bed and exhaled heavily。
Then say:“alright,Then let’s think again,Otherwise we will move out for a while,See how。”
Xiao Fan said:“Row,We do whatever you want,But recently I may be busy at work,Can’t be with you for a while。”
Lin Yoona said with a smile:“It’s okay you go busy with you,I have a sense of measure。And these days, my company also has some affairs to deal with。
But thanks to the gold medal team you adjusted for me,Saves me a lot of heart,Saved a lot of effort,I only need to go to the company occasionally to check the accounts,Just sign the contract,A lot easier。”
Xiao Fan said with a smile:“Send them to make it easy for you,As long as you can do well。”Then the two of them are not talking about moving out,Maybe Lin Yoona can figure it out the next day。
Xiao Fan does not force,Because he doesn’t care too much,Wherever you live is the same,As long as there are relatives around,Home everywhere。
Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan didn’t mention it anymore,After all, what to do is Lin Yuna and Xiao Fan’s own decision,They promised their own decision unconditionally,Won’t force them,Won’t force them。
Just give them opinions,If they still want to stay here,The two of them are naturally smiling,Of course, they won’t be so sad when they move out,It’s not that I won’t come back。
You can come back anytime in the same city,He just hopes these two children can live better,Every parent wants to see their children be happy。
Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan are no exception,Just like Fan Lao wants Su Ran to be happy,When every elder sees his younger generation, he hopes that they can live a happy life with the beauty and beauty.。