19 Provincies en districten die de Yangtze River History Story Yangtze River Basin Museum Alliance leiden

De Yangtze River Basin Museum Union onthuld. Network Liu Ha?tiaans Fotolid, plaatsvervangend directeur Guan Qiang, gaf een toespraak en onthuld voor de alliantie, de plaatsvervangend directeur van het Nationaal Cultureel Relics Museum en Sociale Cultuur, Sichuan Provinciaal Cultureel en Toerisme Vice-directeur, Provinciaal Cultureel Relief Bureau Director Wang Yizhi verwelkomt De woorden, de relevante rechtstreekse eenheid van het Nationaal Cultureel Relics Bureau en de leiders van de Provincial Cultural Relics Department of the Yangtze River Basin, de Bondgenootschap ge?nitieerde eenheden en de eerste lideenheden zijn verantwoordelijk voor meer dan 100 mensen om bij te wonen, en waarachter de vestiging van de Basin Museum Alliance Yangtze.

Guan Qiang wees erop dat de Yangtze River Basin Museum Alliance een nieuwe fase is, nieuwe concepten uitoefent, een nieuw patroon bouwt en de integratie van het resource en het openen van het Yangtze River Basin Museum, volledig spelen aan het Demonstration Lood- en Stralings-effect, het openen van de integratie van de Yangtze , bevordering van de hoogwaardige ontwikkeling van de Yangtze River-economie is van groot belang. Hij vroeg de alliantie, een, om het politieke station te verbeteren, de juiste richting te begrijpen; ten tweede, we moeten zich houden aan de hervorming en innovatie, de ontwikkelingskwaliteit verbeteren; de derde is om de studieverklaring te versterken, praat over het verhaal van Yangtze; Vierde is om de uitwisseling van uitwisselingen uit te breiden, convergentie te bevorderen, om de hoogwaardige ontwikkeling van de Yangtze River-economie te bevorderen, voldoen aan de behoeften van het betere leven van de mensen, en een positieve bijdrage brengt aan de constructie van socialistische culturele krachten.

Baiyun District implements four major projects to promote urban refinement management

On August 18, the reporter learned from Baiyun District that based on the "2021 Baiyun District City Fine Management Action Plan", Baiyun District focuses on "strong base" "intensive" "chaos" " "Four major projects, fully promote urban refinement management, create a good urban environment, and further enhance urban civilization quality.

Baiyun District has developed "2021, white cloud district, urban refinement management action," 2021, white cloud district, urban refinement management action, etc. in the lack of road facilities and lack of road facilities and park management, " Plan ", adhere to the problem-oriented, goal orientation, and results or guide, surround the urban business circle, municipal road, park square, etc. within the ring line, and carry out urban refinement management work.

In terms of implementing the "Strong Branch" project, Baiyun District focuses on urban management intelligence construction, relying on "Wisdom Baiyun", improving urban refined management database; establishing "smart city management" command dispatching system, integrating "12345" hotline, " Guiyang people shoot " Management command dispatches real-time, actual combat, practical; continue to promote smart road lights, smart parks, smart toilets, smart management networks, etc. Enhance the comprehensive quality and law enforcement ability of law enforcement personnel, and vigorously promote the application of "smart law enforcement", promote the use of the urban management law enforcement unit equipment, realize timely dispatching command, enhance the comprehensive administrative law enforcement ability. In terms of implementing "intensive" project, Baiyun District carefully promoted the classification of domestic garbage in the pilot community, regulating the construction of community garbage castle points, realizing the effective connection between community garbage classification, classification collection and classification and transportation, classification disposal, strive to complete 5 street 5 Pilot community’s domestic waste classification project; strengthen urban environment hygiene, do a good job in road cleaning, increase the road to the road, reasonably arrange the wrong peak cleaning, carry out the municipal facilities cleaning, provide a good urban environment for the public; implement the farmer market Improve the transformation, promote the overall improvement of the hardware environment of the urban farmers market and the transformation and upgrading of traditional business models. At present, the construction of the multi-cavery farmer market and the Hongshan Red Farmers market renovation will be promoted; implementing construction site standardization management, strengthening the implementation of the construction site Special governance, vigorously promote the construction site intelligence supervision, strive to achieve "6 100%" on site management this year, build a clean, civilized, orderly construction environment; implement construction waste disposal, carrying out construction garbage Transport vehicle governance, strengthen construction of construction waste transport vehicles, carry out source governance of construction sites, strengthen construction waste disposal field management.

In terms of implementing "governing" projects, the district has used normally civilized urban normalized chemicals, and vigorously implemented the road management and rectification, the city’s main road, back street alleys, green plazas, pedestrian bridge, underground channels, and school around , The occupation of key regions such as the station, large urban complex, has a comprehensive management, and the problem of hotspots, difficulties, pain points, and launched law enforcement actions; carry out outdoor advertising and door-headed plaques, for urban access, Welcome line, the main road and outdoor public places, the city’s key sections and the various outdoor advertisements around the city, and the outdoor advertisements around the project will conduct a comprehensive cleanup norm; implement the illegal operational governance, severely crack down on various illegal operation chaos, currently The order of the district transportation market has been significantly improved, and the illegal operations are effective, and the illegal operation vehicles have been significantly reduced; implement "three cars" governance, strictly investigate "three cars" red light, reverse driving, illegally manned, do not follow the regulations Safety helmets and other traffic violations, fully create a good road traffic order. In terms of implementation of "Correction" project, Baiyun District has solidly carried out standardized remediation of urban brightization facilities, and the urban main road light and the accessory facilities are checked, renovated and replaced; implement urban greening, the number of Bo Avenue, Yunfeng Avenue , Nanhu Road, Nanhu East Road, Central Road and other green landscapes are replaced by seedlings and replacement, replanting replaces, carrying out a new round of "The City of Qianyuan", strengthening the management of Quanhu Park, Colorful Lake Park, etc. Implementing the improvement of human sidewalk rectification, strengthening inspection maintenance on sidewalk facilities, fixing the sidewalk of old, potholes damage, carrying out special rectification actions for the fine management of human sidewalk; implementing 30 back street alleys, currently rectifying improving projects are promoting middle. (Editor: Li Yongxin (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see recommendation reading.

Anhui Linquan: Emergency Radio Village Village Tong Big Horn Helps a Good Life

People’s Network Hefei December 9th (Han Zhenqi) once, the rural big speakers that sound every day are a beautiful memory of generations.

Today, in Linquan County, Fuyang City, Anhui Province, with the full coverage of the emergency broadcast system, the disappeared big speaker is back, while doing a good job in sudden disaster warfare, sending policies, playing music, explaining health knowledge, Bring more casual times for rural residents.

"It can also understand the national events in the field.

"I have high blood pressure, high blood fat, I have dizzy before, broadcast let us lose salt to reduce the oil and reduce the sugar, I have also developed a good habit. "Listen to music, can cultivate sentiment, play the opera, grandfather also like" … "in Linquan County, mention big speakers, many villagers and village cadres have been praise. Emergency broadcast is a national Huimin Engineering, the purpose is to warsh natural disasters or the first time in sudden public events can provide a rapid and quick information transmission channel, strengthen the construction of ideological and cultural positions, promote local cultural development, meet the people’s spiritual needs. The big speakers once again, Listening to the broadcast gradually became a habit of everyone.

"Paying new rural cooperatives, vaccination, holding village conferences, sending a play to the countryside, send movies to the countryside, big speakers, the villagers know.

For rural work, it has greatly improved the convenience and can better serve the masses.

"Linquan County Slit Town Propaganda Committee, Nanyang Xiaoyzhuang Village Branch Secretary Masheng." For the past, there have been no big changes in the world’s 100-year-old, and the global epidemic of new crown pneumonia is impact … "From November 12th, The Quan County Radio and Television Press and Publication Bureau through emergency broadcasting, continued to publicize the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, and the 19th National Plenary Session of the 19th Plenary Session of the Nineth CPC Plenary Session of the rural big speakers, resounded through the village roadway.

"In the past, we all gave an entrance to the village to enter the village, but the propaganda effect is general. Now the villagers can listen to radio at the door of the house, and the explanation is relatively thorough. The masses are more likely to understand." Xishuzhuang Village, Shanqiao Town, Linquan County Wang Yonghua, secretary of the Party Branch.

According to statistics, at present, 4418 terminals in Linquan County have covered 23 towns and towns in the county, 5 street office, 395 administrative villages.

In order to ensure emergency broadcast online rate, smooth rate, Linquan County established emergency broadcast inspection maintenance mechanism, monthly periodic, urinary number of township emergency broadcasting machine rooms and emergency broadcast terminals, discovery terminal failure, ensuring repair within 24 hours, let Minsheng Engineering True falling to practice.

(Editor – in: Ou Wei, Zhang Lei) Sharing let more people see.

ASEAN economic integration affects the Asia-Pacific political pattern (international vision)

Southeast Asia maintains close economic trade in Singapore, which is a large tanker that is moored near the port of Jurong, Singapore.

This newspaper reporter in Jinghao photos, as you ask a Bangkok police, what is the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)? He is likely to shook his head. But if you ask him, are you learning English? He may nod.

Currently, a learning English event in adapting to the 2015 ASEAN Economic Community – "Smart Police" is universal in the Thai police.

The Thai police spokesperson recently expressed its clear expressed that by 2015, all policemen responsible for entry and exit security checks and tourists will speak fluent English.

  Economic integration has completed 72% of Thailand police English is a minority of the ASEAN unified market quietly.

In order to address the challenge of integration, the Thai government is planning to launch the "investment fast line", and accelerate the simplification of ASEAN enterprises in Thailand. According to the statistics of the Thai government, there are currently 540 ASEAN other member countries in Thailand, but only 18% of the Thai foreign enterprises.

It is expected that the regional investment will increase rapidly after the 2015 ASEAN starts AEC.

  On November 18th, the 21st ASEAN Summit held in Phnom Penh, it will achieve the Treatment of AEC to establish a primary task. The leaders of ASEAN countries use the word "launch", agree to start the AEC start from January 1, 2015 to December 31, while the reason is to need enough time to prepare the relevant rules. The State Secretary Gao Jinhong, the State Secretary of ASEAN Cambodia, said when answering questions, "Almost all people are asking for the goals as scheduled in 2015. The consensus we achieve is: 2015 is a starting point, not ‘end’ "Starting point" said that the word "built" commonly used by ASEAN media forms a contrast, reflects the difficulty of promoting the community. Due to the difference in political system in ASEAN, the level of economic development is imbalance, and the difference in law, culture, etc., the extent of the AEC will also be different.

Thailand’s "National Report" recently introduced the research findings of the ASEAN East Asian Economic Research Institute in Indonesia, currently in ASEAN in financial, information and communication technology, aviation, capital, labor and energy, and energy.

Although the economic integration blueprint has completed 72% of the design, the full implementation of the launch will continue to face severe tests.

  Regional economic integration continuous deepening changes have begun. The ASEAN Secretariat ASEAN Economic Community has considered the mid-term review of the "ASEAN Economic Community Blue Map" provided by the reporter, as of December 2011, in the construction of AEC, the first and second phases plans completed% and %.

From 2008 to 2011, the construction blueprint of AEC has completed%. At present, the% tariffs between Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines, Thailand have been eliminated, and the average tariffs in 4 countries in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam have also dropped%.

Our reporter has interviewed in ASEAN member in the past year, and it feels the most prominent changes that textiles, fruit vegetables, electrical appliances, etc. There are more and smaller.

The ASEAN Secretary-General Su Lin · The PMS reported in June this year, in the interview of Siem Reap, the ASEAN is working hard toward the goal of AEC, and the integration of regional economies is deepening.

  Analysis believes that ASEAN Member States have a big difference in economic development in terms of economic development, or in national, cultural and religious beliefs.

However, in common, ASEAN integration is also starting from economic and trade. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib has not been long ago that Asia is not Europe, but no matter where the world is, the basic principles behind free trade are consistent. ASEAN will insist on our own way, learn from the EU successful experience, and learn from its failure. According to the expected goal, AEC is completed, ASEAN will form a unified market and production base, goods, services, investment and technical workers will flow freely between ASEAN member states, capital exchanges are more free, and ASEAN will compete in global competition. force. "AEC’s completion will significantly increase the domestic demand and trade of ASEAN, enhance the common prevention of global financial crisis.

Li Jianxiong, director of the Ministry of ASEAN Secretariat, said to our reporter. Comprehensive implementation of the test of this reporter in the interview that ASEAN countries are ready for AEC.

Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries, "preparing" is relatively active. In Bangkok, Singapore, all kinds of seminars in AEC are often held, and two comprehensive universities have set up AEC research centers.

Tax institutions in these countries are studying personal income tax rates to similar to other countries in ASEAN, and some listed companies are also full of urgency, and they have jointly adjust their operating strategies and formulate market plans.

Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines also agreed to form an ASEAN sugar industry alliance.

However, the discussion of AEC is not expanded in Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia and other countries.

Some Indonesian scholars have admitted to reporters that Indonesia’s attention is insufficient to AEC, and some people don’t even know. Subash, the Director of the ASEAN Secretariat, said that Subash Stu Pirlai said that the biggest challenge to built AEC is that the regional agreement between ASEAN countries requires a certain amount of time.

For example, the changes to the regulations shall be submitted to the parliament approval. For some agreements, the National Coordination Center needs to establish a coordination between several departments within the government, and some ASEAN countries also need to translate the English documents into local language versions. Thailand is relatively active, associated with the 1997 Asian financial crisis.

It is because of the crisis, Thailand, etc. ASEAN member states who have been severely hit in the crisis, and the integration of regional economies must be strengthened. Through nearly 10 years of hard work, the ASEAN is in the ASEAN and China "10 + 1", which has been significantly improved with China Japan and South Korea "10 + 3". In 2007, the Eastern Union officially proposed the goal of building AEC. In 2008, the international financial crisis occurred, and ASEAN countries were generally damaged by regional cooperation.

  Indonesia International Strategic Research Center Economist Joseph Lear Damari stated that 10 priorities, including agriculture, fisheries, automotive machinery, rubber products, electronic products, and tourism, as early as In 2004, the integrated process began, so it was also the most light of "infection" in the 2008 international financial crisis, and these industries will benefit from the unified market. More analysis is whether ASEAN can form a unified economic group to question. The most close to ASEAN reality is that there will be more developed and undeveloped levels within ASEAN. The greatest benefit of AEC may, establish a more close interaction between these two levels, making two hierarchical countries profit.

Li Jianxiong said to the reporter: "The level of economic development in ASEAN will not be consistent in the short term. By 2015, ASEAN still has six more developed countries and 4 undeveloped countries to do two camps.

"Da Muri believes that after AEC is completed, labor-intensive work will transfer countries such as labor costs such as Cambodia, Laos, and high-skilled work will be transferred to relatively more developed countries such as Thailand, Singapore. Link in November 2007, The Thirteenth ASEAN Summit held in Singapore adopted the "ASEAN Charter", which clearly writes the strategic goal of the ASEAN Community to the Charter. The "ASEAN Charter" in October in December 2008 stipulates that the ASEAN Community will be affected by the ASEAN economic community. ASEAN Safety Community and ASEAN Social Cultural Community Composition.

  The 13th ASEAN Summit also passed the "ASEAN Economic Community Blueprint", which reaffirmed the ASEAN economic community that built 10 Member States in 2015.

Its goal is to form a unified market and production base in the ASEAN region in 2015, which realizes the free flow of goods, services, investment and technical workers under its framework, and more free capital.

At the same time, ensure economic balance development, eliminate poverty and social economic gap. The basic architecture of the ASEAN Economic Community is mainly composed of 4 pillars, namely "creates a single market and production base", "forming a strong economic area", "ensuring economic balance development in the region", and "promotes the region and The integration of the international economic system.

From 2009 to 2015, Different economic sectors in ASEAN will achieve integration. (Cui Yu sort out).

Socialism is dried out (Wanghai Building)

  "After many years, visit Ningxia, and the Yellow River Tao is still.

However, the mountains and rivers changed their new color, the scenery of the day: Xihai Gu Tong Mountain, put on green clothes; Guangxi western set plains, cattle and sheep, fish fertilizer … "On July 20th, Yinchuan in Ningxia The convened learning propaganda implemented Xi Jinping’s new era of socialist ideological seminars and party history learning education high-end forums, and there were a representative to use the annual discourse, such as describing what to do.

  In the 1920s, the famous American female reporter Anna Louis Strong visited West Haiku.

That is the most tragic period in the West Haijing in the 1920th earthquake, and Ms. Strong passed, sad from the middle, wrote four words – desolate everywhere.

  Centennial! The birth of the Chinese Communist Party has completely changed the fate and future of the Chinese people. Today, "Dry Beach has become a gold sand beach"! Ningxia Mining Town Xihai Guunzhuang immigrants have been well-affected, and as the TV series "Mountain Hairy" is well known for everyone.

In the TV, there is no electricity, there is no road, no way to protect the forest, and the people live in the ground, drink the sand, taste the suffering. The bitterness and poor of reality are even more severe than TV dramas. When local poverty, the deputy secretary of Fujian Provincial Party Committee, Xi Jinping, "shocked". It is from that time, things collaborate, and Jun joins hands, one is more than 20 years.

Nowadays, in the past, Minning Village, across the mountain sea, and has become rich in Minning Town.

What is the reason? The root is only "hard". "Socialism is a dry" – In July 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward this major argument and issued this great call.

He said, "The energy savings in the Chinese nation is too long. If you have to go out to achieve great Chinese dreams." The energy of Xihai solids, the historical accumulation of the ancestors of life, finally broke out in the great process of well-off! Seeing the Town of Minzhuang Avenue, General Secretary Xi Jinping said very pleased, to promote this valuable experience to the country.

  "Philosophers just explain the world in different ways, the problem is to change the world." This is a famous saying on the Marx tombstone, perhaps one of the tops of all the number of people in all the words. This is not a fashionable discourse, but because Marxism is the theory of practice, always guiding the actions of the people to transform the world.

"Socialism is dried out" is the vivid expression of Marxist practical views and practical qualities. In a hundred years, the Chinese Communists have always adhered to the spirit of solid and hard, and united the Chinese people’s books have written the most magnificent epic in the history of the Chinese nation. The development of Minning Town is the magnificent musical notes of this epic. At the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping was solemn. After continuing to struggle with all the people of the whole party, we achieved the first hundred years of struggle, and completed a well-off society in China, historically solved The absolute poverty is being forwarded to the second hundred-year struggle for the second hundred years of struggle in an intensive style.

This is the great glory of the Chinese nation! This is the great glory of the Chinese people! This is the great glory of the Communist Party of China! Looking back at history, the author remembers a detail of October 1935: The Red Army has been fighting for blood, and it has been unfolded.

Later, Mao Zedong wrote "Qing Pingle · Liu Pei Mountain": "Time Gao Yun, looks at Nan Fei Gender. Do not reach the Great Wall Non-Han, reflex the trip 20,000. Six-Puping Mountain is on the peak, the red flag is rich in Western wind. Today Hand, when will Canglong? "The sky turned into the ground in Minning Town and did not have a strong fence in the hands of the Canglong? Looking at God, such struggle is a lot of money! (The author is a special commentator for this newspaper (Editor: Bai Yu, Tong Zong Li) to share more people.

31 Provincies voegde 40 gevallen van lokale bevestigde gevallen toe, 7 gevallen van native semined infecties

Originele titel: 31 provincies voegde 40 gevallen van lokale bevestigde gevallen toe, 7 gevallen van inheemse asymptomatische infectie 80 gevallen van nieuwe diagnose-gevallen bij het beheer van de Xinjiang-productie- en bouwkorps.

Onder hen zijn er 40 gevallen van overzeese ingang (16 gevallen in Guangdong, 8 gevallen in Fujian, 4 gevallen in Guangxi, 2 gevallen in Shandong, 1 hoes in Beijing, 1 geval van Heilongjiang, 1 geval in Sichuan), waaronder 3 gevallen Van geen symptomen besmette mensen werden bevestigd in diagnose-gevallen (2 gevallen in Guangdong, 1 zaak in Sichuan); 21 gevallen van lokale gevallen (liaoning 29 gevallen, 1 geval in HULUDAO, 1 hoes in Shenyang; 8 gevallen in Suzhou; Guangdong, 2 Gevallen, alles in Shenzhen; 1 hoesje in Guangxi, in Baise City), waaronder 1 geval van gewetenloze infectie in een diagnosekast (in liaoning). Geen nieuwe doodsgevallen.

Er zijn 2 gevallen van nieuwe vermoedelijke gevallen, die allemaal overzeese ingangsgevallen zijn (allemaal in Shanghai). Op dezelfde dag waren er 80 gevallen van nieuw ontslagen uit het ziekenhuis en werden 5,746 nauwe contacten vrijgegeven en de ernstige gevallen verhoogden met 1 zaak hoger dan de vorige dag. Overzeese ingang heeft 701 gevallen (inclusief 1 geval van ernstige gevallen), bestaande vermoedelijke gevallen.

In totaal 13.088 gevallen van diagnose van gediagnosticeerde gevallen, op basis van 12.387 gevallen, geen doodsgevallen. Vanaf 24.00 uur op 14 februari, volgens 31 provincies (autonome regio’s, gemeenten) en Xinjiang-productie- en bouwcorps-rapport, 1398 gediagnosticeerde gevallen (inclusief 6 gevallen van ernstige gevallen), cumulatieve behandeling van 10.1060 gevallen, cumulatieve doodszaken 4636 gevallen, cumulatieve rapportagediagnose van 107094 gevallen, bestaande vermoedelijke gevallen 3 gevallen. De geaccumuleerde tracking van 1561,451 mensen in nauw contact, nog steeds in medische observatie, 30,116 mensen. 44 Gevallen van nieuwe niet-symptomen werden gemeld in 31 provincies (autonome regio’s, gemeenten) en productie- en bouwcorps van Xinjiang, inclusief 37 gevallen van overzee, 7 gevallen (4 gevallen van Jiangsu, alles in Suzhou; 3 gevallen in Yunnan, alles Wenshan Zhuang Miao Autonome Prefecture (3 gevallen van overzee) (3 gevallen van in het buitenland) werden op dezelfde dag overgedragen; 50 gevallen werden op dezelfde dag vrijgegeven (47 gevallen van overzee); 791 gevallen van niet-symptomen infectie in medische observatie ( 714 gevallen).

  Geaccumuleerde ontvangst van 38194 gevallen van incidentele gevallen in Hong Kong, Macao en Taiwan. Onder hen waren er 18.494 gevallen (14763 sterfgevallen in de Speciale Administratieve regio Hong Kong, 221 sterfgevallen), 79 pati?nten in de speciale administratieve regio van Macao (79 gevallen die uit het ziekenhuis zijn ontslagen), en 19.621 gevallen in Taiwan (13.742 gevallen werden afgevoerd het ziekenhuis, 851 sterfgevallen.). (Editor: Deng Nan, Wu Chao) Delen Laat meer mensen aanbeveling lezen.

Shanxi Post: Graduate file delivery will open "green channel"

  Original title: Graduate file delivery will open "green channel" college graduation season is coming, college graduate file security is sent to the topic of attention.

On May 29, the reporter learned from the China Post Group Co., Ltd. Shanxi Branch. Shanxi Post has launched a first-level guarantee response. It has established a special working group, strict service standards, ensuring the safety, quick and accurate delivery of college graduates. In the receipt link, Shanxi Post will sign a delivery service agreement with universities to clear the obligation.

Graduate files will use specialized envelopes, hierarchical bags, give special logo, timely delivery, timely shipping. In the internal processing link, the graduate file mail is fully implemented, the area, single seal, single operation, priority, and ensure the time limit.

In the delivery section, the student file mail is delivered in the name of the company. After the recipient is not there, it must be confirmed by telephone to the recipient designated by the recipient; the recipient is the unit, delivered to the unit responsible for file management Or the department of personnel management, the department is responsible for receiving. At present, Shanxi Post has begun to train the operators such as receiving, sorting and seal and delivery, ensuring that relevant employees are proficient in relevant requirements to ensure the "zero loss" target for students’ archives mail.

(Reporter Li Tao).

UnionPay: Accelerating the construction of interconnection international payment network actively integrates into the new development pattern

  As the payment brand of China’s independently created, this year, UnionPay International condense the intelligence efforts to start a business, accelerate the "global network, international brand" construction process, and support the promotion of domestic international dual cycling. UnionPay Acceptance Network has covered 180 countries and regions around the world, in the first half of the year, more than 13 million overseas business support; overseas accumulation issued nearly billion UnionPay card, add more than 7 million in 1-50, mainly in " "Circular along the country and region. Cai Jianbo, Chairman of China UnionPay, said that the UnionPay will be one of the core tasks of the development of the internationalization, and strive to show greater as the service and integration of new development patterns: First, do Shenzhen bank card, Internet, mobile payment Accepting the network, promoting the "One Belt All the way" along the line and the Guangdong-Hong Kong and Macau Danzan District payment network interconnection; second, to promote the localization process of the business, provide safety and convenient payment services for more overseas residents; third is to strengthen digital payment service capacity building, In some markets leading the development of digital payment industries, enhance the international influence of China’s financial payment industry.

  From the service of the Chinese "going out", to support local residents everyday use, UnionPay has worked in the international acceptance of network construction in 2004, and continuously enriched the scene.

According to reports, 63 million merchants have supported UnionPay cards. The overall acceptance coverage of Uniagrant in Asia Pacific is 90%, Europe, North America Acceptible coverage is over 70%, and 50 countries in Africa can use UnionPay cards. Since the emergence of new crown pneumonia, UnionPay International has accelerated online payment, mobile payment and other "non-contact" payment service accepted scene construction.

More than 8 million merchants in 94 countries and regions have supported UnionPay QR code or UnionPay mobile phone flicker; accepted UnionPay card online merchants have increased to nearly 22 million households, covering more than 200 countries and regions, selling in catering, line At the scene of the school payment, etc., this year, this year, more than 3,000 main streamline merchants support. In addition, relying on sustained and improved access networks and increasing service capabilities, the localization of overseas UnionPay card business is deepening, and the internationalization characteristics of the brand are more and more distinct. UnionPay card has been issued in 70 countries and regions around the world. "UnionPay" became a payment tool for overseas residents and polishing the business cards of China payment services.

This year, the amount of UnionPay card transactions exported abroad increased by nearly 60%. At present, UnionPay International offers cloud flash, mobile phone PAY, two-dimensional code wallet products outside the country, has landed more than 90 UnionPay standard e-wallets in 20 countries and regions, providing more and more overseas residents High quality, convenient mobile payment service. In the UnionPay card transaction issued outside the country, there are 1 in every 5, which is paid by binding mobile payment tools. The UnionPay has also built more than 20 technical service platforms including cloud-haired card platforms and scene service platforms, providing all process technical support for cooperative institutions. For example, the SaaS cloud card platform greatly reduces the technical difficulty and cost of partners to issue the UnionPay virtual card, and there is currently 10 new card access. The payment system is one of the financial infrastructure. UnionPay actively serves national strategic planning, continuously increases the resources of "all the way" and Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macao District. More than 80% of the countries and regions who participate in the construction of "One Belt" have opened the UnionPay card business, and it has issued more than 100 million UnionPay card along the line. The acceptance of more than 17 million members, and it has increased by 50 times more than the initiative. Multiplier. In addition, the UnionPay has cooperated by payment standards, paying infrastructure, supporting national bank card industry development: Laos bank card transfer network is built by UnionPay standard, UnionPay chip card standard has become a unified cross-border chip card standard for Asia payment alliance.

  UnionPay actively responded to the "Outline of Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macau Dashang District" and supported the Internet interconnection of the Daji District Payment Network. UnionPay card is basically accepting full coverage in the Dawan District, and Hong Kong and Macao issued a total of 30 million UnionPay cards, making a major payment tool for local residents.

Hong Kong and Macao version "cloud flash payment" has been accessed almost all local UnionPay card issues, driving 15 hair cards APP supports UnionPay QR code, with a total number of users reached 1.6 million.

(Editor: Qiu Wei, Rona).

The curator takes you to visit the Urumqi Museum (New Hall) "Town Treasure"

Core Tip: Exploring a stone built on the lakeside of the old Stone Age, appreciates a tiger-tiger gold in the Warring States Period, looking up to the city wall of the ancient city of the Tang Dynasty, taste the Ji Xiaolan, and Lin Zi Xu’s poems … With Urumqi The opening of the Municipal Museum (New Museum), the capital of the citizens also enjoyed a good place to enjoy cultural life. As of December this year, the municipal museum (New Hall) collection of 16 cultural relics, 29 secondary cultural relics, 102 three-level cultural relics, there are many cultural relics have a very high cultural value, which is called the treasure of the townhouse. Urumqi Museum (New Museum) (Photographed on December 10) Deng Haicard’s scarf (national level cultural relics) President: Deng Fa is one of the preliminary leaders of the Communist Party of China, the early leaders of Chinese workers’ movement. In September 1937, Deng was returned to Xinjiang, and he served as the representative of the CPC and the director of the 18th Orders of China, and presided over the work of the party.

Linji Road Home Book (National Level Cultural Relics) Introduction: In February 1938, Linji Road from Yan’an came to Xinjiang to do well-war work, Ren Xinjiang Institute of Education, Education Director of the Aksu District, Kuqi County, Wushi County Wait.

During the anti-Japanese War, Xinjiang College has a special status, the Communists and the famous progressman presided over the hospital, proposing the ethnic form, educational thoughts and claims with the content of Marxism, and become an important position of Xinjiang Marxist communication, famous voice, reputation For the anti-large second.

Introduction to the stock (national level cultural relics) issued by Xinjiang Commercial Bank: In February 1938, the Party Central Dispatching, Mao Zemin’s name Zhou Bin, served as the Director of Xinjiang Provincial Department of Finance, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, etc., he The financial situation of Xinjiang has been reforms in the fiscal situation of Xinjiang, revealing the situation of economic chaos, and makes an excellent contribution to the development and construction of Xinjiang, and has been supported by the people of all nationalities in Xinjiang. Xinjiang has the introduction of the official title (National second-level cultural relics) curator: Xinjiang embassy makes the official title, the original note inlaid in Xinjiang to enrich the brick wall of the department’s lobby, standing in Wang Shuzhen (nán) Renab the political period (1906-1911). The stone monument is a green sand rock, the head, 155 cm high and 63 cm wide. The lower half of the scrutin is serious, the upper half is clear, the book is in the pythlody of 16 lines, which can identify nearly 300 words, record the time and book of Wei Guangxi to Wang Shuzhen’s eight-bit policy. Introduction to the Provincial City Brick (National Three Cultural Relics) President: This is a brick when Urumqi Jiancheng, there is a provincial city brick pattern. In May 1875, the Qing government appointed Zuo Zongtang, Zuo Zongtang, who was the immostist, supervised Xinjiang military affairs. In April 1876, Zuo Zongtang sat in Suzhou, Suzhou (now Gansu Jiuquan), life Liu Jinshi, Jin Shun division two-way rate division Eliminate the Agaberting Agreement.

For only more than a year, I have recovered Xinjiang in Yili. On November 17, 1884, the Qing government built provinces in Xinjiang, namely Xinjiang is new, and the provincial city is now in Urumqi, Urumqi is established as the political, economic and cultural center of Xinjiang.

Jin Tang Yongweun (general cultural relics) This article map / reporter Jiang Xiao Wang Changshi Tongji Long introduction: Jin Tang Yongli monument, unearthed in Hongqi Road, Urumqi, 1988. The texture is hard sandstone, 94 cm high, 94 cm wide, 24 cm thick. Shoushou has a deep embossed Shuanglong play bead pattern, and the lower part of the dragon melon is in the heart of the book. The land of the stone monument is the location of Dihua City (now Urumqi) Western Wall, 1763.

Jin Tang Yongweun should be the foundation of the foundation, and the cultivation of the city is not easy to die. Xinjiang Net News (Reporter Wang Changwei) Explore a stone built on the lakeside of the old stone era, appreciate a tiger-tiger gold in the Warring States period, looking up to the city wall of the ancient city of the Tang Dynasty, taste the Ji Xiaolan, and Lin Zexu’s poems & hellip & hellip; With the opening of Urumqi Museum (New Museum), the capital of the capital has a good place to enjoy cultural life.

On December 11, the reporter visited the Museum of Museum under the leadership of the curator.

Entering the Museum of Museum (New Hall), first reflecting a giant relief with a length of 23 meters, a high 6m high, relief with the magnificent Bogda peak as a background, and Urumqi urban high-rise buildings under the peak.

The embossed, deputy director of the Department of Landscape, Central Academy of Art, Zhong Shanfeng, deputy director of the Basic Director of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and Deputy Professor.

Embossed uses a snow lotus petal element, and is constructed in a surrounded manner.

The center expressed in a realistic way, the people of Xinjiang were tight as pomegranate seeds, and included the meaning of the construction of beautiful Xinjiang and the motherland. The four-corner of the picture is traditional Xiangyun and traditional waves, and there is a harmonious scene of Xiangrui. It uses the phoenix silk fabric pattern as a background, and it is better to take out the main content of the picture.

Chang Zulson, Kyzz, and the municipal museum. In the early 1990s, the Municipal Museum was opened in the Urumqi Wenmiao Temple in the Forward Street. In 2004, he moved to Nanhu Road, and then to the new hall of the city culture center. The museum carries the historical and cultural memory of Urumqi and tells the story of the wind of Urumqi.

Scanning QR code follows the reporter lens to visit the Museum of Museum (New Museum).

Thick "double creation" soil inspired boom

At the startup ceremony of the Jilin Provincial Volkswagen Entrepreneurship, Jilin Province, in the launch ceremony of all kinds of innovation entrepreneurs in our province gathered, exchange experience and sharing experience. The event showed the color of Jilin’s innovative entrepreneurial color, and there will be a new climax of the innovative entrepreneurship in Bai Mountain. Innovation is the source of vitality, entrepreneurship is the foundation of development.

At present, our province is in depth, in depth, General Secretary Xi Jinping inspects the important instruction spirit of the important speech of Jilin, and vigorously implement the innovative driving development strategy. Innovative entrepreneurship as an important carrier and new and old kinetic energy conversion of innovative driving development strategy, only to firmly grasp the connotation, can continue to innovate in the "Double Creative" work, leading to entrepreneurship in innovation, starting from employment To maximize the release of innovation.

Jilin’s comprehensive revitalization has entered the "rising period", entering the "fast lane", must integrate the "double creation" gene into the spirit, implant the bone marrow, can quickly crack the development bottleneck and problems, explore the realization of industrial transformation and upgrading, promote high Quality Development "Power Password".

Only a new person, but the newcomers are strong, but only newers win. In the face of opportunities and challenges, the province grabs the historical opportunity, use the development window period, and put "dual-creation" work as an important starting of economic structure, enhance economic growth, and continuously promote the economy. The road to development. At present, the construction of "Double Creative" platform in our province has achieved remarkable results. It has 7 national double-created demonstration bases. It has graduated a group of companies with strong industrial support, and explored the "double creation" of unique Jilin characteristics. Mode, "Double Creation" upgrade of "double" upgrades in an efficiency and more adequate advantages.

The crowded big boat.

Today’s Jilin is innovative Jilin, Vitality Jilin, Opportunity Jilin, and the public is very exciting, and the innovation is present. Jilin "Double Creative" boat is praised! Editor in charge: Kang Shiqi.