Xiangyang nodded,Such a thing,Meng Bo has no reason to lie to himself。

Let out a sigh of relief,Xiang Yang said to Meng Bo:“I won’t go up,Since he doesn’t want me to know,I don’t know,Is he hurt badly?”
“Not very serious,Just after coming back,The state has not been very good。Went to the doctor,Went to check the body,I can’t find out why,But Lingyun’s mental state just didn’t improve。”Meng Bo answered truthfully。
“I know,thank you,You took care of Lingyun so hard during this time!”
Xiangyang nodded,He looked up at Lingyun’s house again,Some worries。
Turned and left,Without the sassiness of before,Meng Bo behind Xiangyang,The pace is much lighter。
Walk a little distance,Xiang Yang couldn’t help but glanced back at Ling Yun’s direction,Some worries,Helpless。
For this person who reached out to help when he and Xiang Chen were at their worst,Xiangyang always feels unclear。
Hope he is okay!Xiangyang took a deep breath,Then spit out slowly,Turn around again。
“Xiangyang!Ling Yun is not right!”
Just when Xiang Yang was about to leave and go home to see how Xiang Chen’s health was,Meng Bo stood at the window of Ling Yun’s house,Loudly called Xiangyang up。
Rush to Lingyun’s house,Xiangyang’s worried Ling Yun’s mouth is hanging with blood,Smiled at Xiangyang,No need to say anything,He is in the state of Xiangyang.。
“Did you drive?”
Meng Bo supports Ling Yun,Looking anxiously at Xiangyang。
Xiangyang was taken aback,I don’t know how to tell Meng Bo about my lack of a driver’s license.。
“wait for me!”
Suddenly thought of something,Xiangyang took out his mobile phone and dialed a series of numbers,Also reported his location。
“Don’t froze,Take him to the gate of the community first!”
Seeing Meng Bo still in a daze,Xiang Yang scolded,It also brought Meng Bo back to God in an instant。