No doubt blood,This also proves that I was indeed stabbed before,But the opponent is very fast,Soon, Qin Feng didn’t catch a trace of this person at all。

When Qin Feng wanted to track down further,Suddenly I feel limp,It’s as if any organ in the body doesn’t listen。
not good,poisonous!Thought of this,Qin Feng immediately used his innate true energy,So as not to penetrate the body。
A few minutes later,Qin Feng“puff”Spit black
Blood,Then I wiped the sweat from my head with my hand,Dark road is dangerous。
I don’t know who the opponent is,Using such a poisonous poison,If Qin Feng is later,Or Qin Feng doesn’t have Innate True Qi Bodyguard,Believe in just a few seconds,Will die。
Take a break,Qin Feng suddenly thought,Why did that assassin assassin himself,Disappeared。
The reason is because of this poison,If ordinary people are infected with this kind of poison,I believe that even the gods can’t save him。
The assassin has a special trust in his own poison,Then he disappeared after stabbing Qin Feng。
It stands to reason that he will win himself,But the assassin did not do that,I must know that Qin Feng will definitely die,That’s why he left with only a stab。
or,He found out that he had an accomplice,So I’m putting a long line,Big fish,Put yourself here,Waiting for my companion to find myself,Then I will kill myself and my companions。
“Hahaha,If you think a broken tree leaf can kill me,Then you are too fancy,When I was playing with leaves,Are you still peeing in the mud,So come out,Don’t let me take you out。”
Qin Feng also made a leaf,And throw it away by feeling。
If it wasn’t for the assassin,Qin Feng would really use a tree leaf,Kill it。
And Qin Feng just threw it based on feeling,Don’t know the exact location of the other party。
Just when Qin Feng finished speaking and finished,A figure stands in front of him at a fast speed。
Then at a very fast speed,Stabbed to Qin Feng again。
And this time,Because Qin Feng was prepared,So this assassin,Perfectly failed。
“what’s the situation?”The assassin was taken aback,This is a mistake that has never happened before,Today is indeed the first miss。
Reacted for a while,The assassin made another assassination。